Thursday, June 11, 2015

Civil rights violation by police, responsible must be punished.

Civil rights violation by police, responsible must be punished.
n.m.patel (lagerahonatubhai)
social activist
lok andolan gujarat surat,,aK rd,surat 395008.

The Collector,
Narmada District,
Rajpipala, Dist. Narmada

Sub.: Civil rights violation by police, responsible must be punished.


Some activists working in Narmada District are being harassed by the
police on a regular basis. Whenever the Chief Minister plans to visit
the area, they are detained or kept under house arrest.

It was on 25th April 2015 that the police had resorted to detentions,
house arrest-like conditions or preventive arrests of non-political
grassroots activists and workers in the KADA area in view of the CM's
programme and visit to the area. It was the fifth or sixth such
detention of these activists. No reasons were given for the 'arrests'.
Yet again, today, 11th June 2015, the police has done the same thing
with the same people.

In view of the CM's programme in the area, the police have put Shri
Lakhan Musafir, the leader of the successful anti-KADA movement of the
people of Kevadia area, under house arrest.

If the police is taking them into custody to safeguard them from any
threats, then the police should let them know who is a threat to their
life and security. No explanations or clarifications are ever given.

This modus operandi to thwart dissent is not acceptable to us. In a
democracy, every citizen has a right to express his/her dissent. How
can the administration, under you, snatch away this right from the
people? We do not know under whose instructions they are doing so. We
are hereby requesting you to take prompt action against the person/s
responsible for this violation of civil/democratic rights of a
citizen.  We doubt this version of a 'vibrant' or 'peaceful' Gujarat,
when the reality is diametrically opposed to it.

We, once again, request you to initiate an inquiry and take strict
actions against those responsible for this un-democratic repeated
action, failing which we shall be forced to undertake action
programmes against you as the head of the district.

Yours sincerely,
n.m.patel urfe lagerahonatubhai,social activist,lok andolan gujarat

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