Monday, June 8, 2015

Burma's Stateless Muslims: The World's Most Persecuted Minority - SPIEGEL ONLINE

These are the stories of the most oppressed community of the world called Rohingyas who have become virtually unwanted everywhere. Originally a Bangla speaking, they might have migrated to Myanmar for work hundreds of years back but as happening everywhere in the new colonies life of coexistence is becoming very difficult and the result is bloodied conflict and massacre of innocent. South Asia is living on the verge of a huge turmoil and inner conflict everywhere. The tendencies are of majoritarianism everywhere. Bangladesh, Pakistan, Srilanka, Myanmar, India everybody seems to have problems with its minorities with active state assistance. Rohingyas need international attention and must get a place of their own. It is time we shed our prejudices and live in peace. A persistent conflict will not take us anywhere and endanger the national security everywhere.
In Burma, thousands of members of the Rohingya Muslim minority are fleeing persecution from Buddhists. Abused by smugglers, they are being turned away...
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