Thursday, September 10, 2015

Washington Threatens Confrontation With Russia Over Syria

CC News Letter 09 Sep - Washington Threatens Confrontation With Russia Over Syria

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Washington Threatens Confrontation With Russia Over Syria
By Bill Van Auken

The Obama administration has ratcheted up tensions with Moscow over unsubstantiated claims of a Russian military buildup in support of the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad. Any expanded Russian presence on Syrian soil could lead to a "confrontation" with Washington's "coalition," which has been bombing Syria, supposedly with the aim of countering the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), US Secretary of State John Kerry threatened in a phone call to his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov over the weekend

It's Time To Reopen The American And Iranian Embassies And Promote Reconciliation
By Franklin Lamb

Last month's historic nuclear agreement breakthrough, following nearly two years of grueling, frequently contentious negotiations, manifests the efficacy of diplomacy conducted in an atmosphere of mutual respect to solve shared challenges among states that were formerly enemies

Pro-Kurdish HDP Party Offices Attacked Across Turkey
By Sosyalist Alternatif (CWI Turkey)

Tuesday 8 September, some 126 offices of the HDP across the country were attacked, burnt or ransacked by mobs, mainly linked to the far-right MHP (Grey Wolves) nationalists and to the ruling AKP. Many Kurdish people and activists have also been under attack, in an apparent lynch campaign. The Turkish police, which has dramatically stepped up its repression against the activities of the left in recent weeks, took hardly any action against the assailants

West Ignores 11 Million Muslim War Deaths & 23 Million Preventable
American Deaths Since US Government's False-flag 9-11 Atrocity
By Dr Gideon Polya

The 9-11 anniversary approaches but the Western Mainstream media and politicians memorializing the 3,000 killed will utterly ignore the realities that (1) 9-11 was a Zionist-complicit US Government false-flag operation , (2) US Governments lied and obstructed post-9-11 investigations, (3) 11 million Muslims have been actively or passively killed in the $7 trillion post-9-11 US War on Terror, and (4) 23 million Americans have died preventably since 9-11

Global Poverty And The UN Millennium Development Goals Program
By Jon Kofas

One must also see through UN MDG as an effort to camouflage the growing inequality capitalism is creating and the growing lack of social justice. One could also argue that the UN MDG program is a Trojan Horse of imperialism on the part of the richest countries laying the groundwork the largest corporations to penetrate the less developed regions where most natural resources are available for exploitation and where labor costs are the lowest on the planet

Elites Want More Refugees: Why?
By Robert J. Burrowes

Elites generate one crisis after another as an inevitable outcome of their insane actions to perpetuate, consolidate and expand their control over the rest of us. If we are not sufficiently aware, we can become preoccupied in just dealing with one or more symptoms of their insanity. Elites want more refugees partly because it helps to distract us from analysing and resisting what they are doing overall. While we must act in solidarity with those they victimize, like the refugees fleeing their war zones at the moment, we also need to expose and strategically resist the global elite itself or, eventually, suffer the same (or an equivalent) fate as today's refugees

The Predicament That Is Whistleblowing In India
By Aayush Anand

The war against corruption can not be won by passionate speech making or radio shows. For complete annihilation of corruption from the deepest cranny of this country, judicious policy making is required. India has already lost many meticulous individuals who could have brought significant change in the ever deteriorating scenario of governance in India, had their life not been cut short by the unscrupulous and amorals, deep rooted in the system, to protect their selves

Academics In Danger
By Umer Jeelanie Bnaday

State power is not the only threat to academia's freedom. In accepting endowments universities must insist on "their freedom from the promptings of private interest". Also, academics must "renounce their ambition to play a part in partisan political controversy". It is the freedom by which truth can be pursued. The battle of separation in India from the states has yet to begin in earnest

Victims of Churachandpur, Manipur State Brutality Remembered
Press Release

On 08 September 2015, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) Students' Union in collaboration with Manipur Tribal students from TISS, Mumbai has organised condolence service for the victims of Churachandpur incident in Manipur whose innocent lives were taken away by the State brutality

Statement of Condemnation of Prof. Kalburgi's Murder
By Academics for Democracy

As a group of academics and scientists who are involved in various ways towards promotion of democratic values, we wish to condemn the murder of Prof. M. M. Kalburgi, who was shot dead by unidentified gunmen on August 30th , in strongest possible terms
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