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More than 5 years ago on March 9, 2010,  The Himalayan Voice had posted a short article, (NEPAL UNDER THREE BAHUNS,linked here also) discussing a club formed by Girija P. Koirala, Prachanda and Jhal Nath Khanal. ( Let's imagine that the 'club' is the 'constitution' and also see the picture attached.)

Now that Sushil Koirala has taken G P Koirala's slot, K. P. Oli standing on Jhal Nath Khanal's spot and Prachand still hanging in there; these three Bahuns have brought out a constitution ( to be promulgated tomorrow to be very precise), a stuff boastful mouths acclaim as, written with  'six decades' political sacrifice and labor'. Be that as it may ! (Please refer to Kantipur Daily > तीन दलले संयुक्त पत्रकार सम्मेलन गर्दै)

The question here would be the life of  the new constitution, which fringe political party leaders tell  is being burnt down immediately after its promulgationtomorrow evening ! How long would that stuff last  ? 

Raj Kumar Lekhi sounded right making a statement that Tharus won't flee to any camps in Bihar. This is his wise assertion against what some Madheshi elite ( that should include few Yadavas or Thakurs or Shahs etc.) are  making noises that they would rather disown Nepalese citizenship and flee to those camps ! The Tharus form the 4th largest bulk (
1,737,470 CBS: 2011) of the country's population. 

Below forwarded is a sharp note from, Dharmapal Barsingh Thapa, one of the former Nepal Army Chiefs, received through  Ram B Chherti <rambchhetri@hotmail.comfor your reading.

It is truly high time now that Nepalese civil society come forward and make a difference.

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