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Jains PROMOTE Vegetarianism & Untouchability!

Jains PROMOTE Vegetarianism & Untouchability!
   by Ashok T Jaisinghani

   The ANCIENT Jains were the ORIGINAL PROMOTERS of vegetarianism, untouchability and extreme casteism. The Jains dogmatically believe that the eating of meat makes the NON-VEGETARIANS become EXTREMELY UNCLEAN SINNERS and CRIMINALS, just like the people of LOWER CASTES who are considered DIRTY and UNTOUCHABLE by them.

   Even today, the DOGMATIC Brahmins are following these extremely PRIMITIVE and RETROGRADE beliefs and practices of the Jains. Due to these beliefs of Jains in vegetarianism, untouchability and casteism, the Brahmins have also accepted the SUPERIORITY of the Jain MUNIS. The Brahmins actually consider the Jain priests as their GURUS!! 

   So it is NOT surprising that the Brahmins want to please their JAIN GURUS by getting the sale of MEAT BANNED in India. The Brahmins have already got the slaughter of COWS and BULLS BANNED in many states of India. Now they are trying to get the slaughter of all animals and birds BANNED in the country. 


   I still remember the event of many years back, in which I saw totally NAKED Jain SAADHUS marching through the streets of Pune city, with fashionable well-dressed LADIES from rich Jain families following the NUDE SAADHUS in a procession!! The Jains believe in RENUNCIATION of material wealth, which can also include the shedding of clothes! 

     The Jains are allowed to WORSHIP their NUDE SAADHUS and the NUDE IDOLS of some of their TIRTHANKARS who were the founders and reformers of their religion. 

*****Most Modern VEGETARIAN GURU of JAINS was Rajneesh*****

   Chandra Mohan JAIN, popularly known as Acharya Rajneesh, was a REBEL JAIN GURU who made his followers WORSHIP their own NUDE BODIES!! He encouraged NUDITY in his disciples NOT for shedding clothes as a form of RENUNCIATION, but for the sake of SELF-INDULGENCE and ENJOYMENT of SEX. 

   Besides NUDITY and FREE SEX, Acharya Rajneesh propagated the use of NARCOTIC DRUGS among his disciples, which temporarily made him the ROLE MODEL for many modern DRUG ADDICTS. 

   With his BIG HYPNOTIC EYES and MAGNETIC VOICE, Acharya Rajneesh succeeded in mesmerizing thousands of Indians and foreigners to make them practise NUDITY, FREE SEX and consumption of NARCOTIC drugs for SPIRITUAL LIBERATION!! During the peak of his popularity in the 1980's, there were MILLIONS of Indians, Europeans, Americans and others who followed Acharya Rajneesh for the ENJOYMENT of NUDITY, FREE SEX and NARCOTIC DRUGS. 

*****VEGETARIAN GURU Rajneesh FAILED Finally*****

   Called Acharya Rajneesh, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh or Osho at different times, Chandra Mohan JAIN was a SEX GURU who finally FAILED to change the world. As he was an ADDICT of NARCOTIC DRUGS, it is suspected that he died of AIDS in 1990 at the age of 58 years. Vegetarianism did NOT help him to live longer. 

   Ironically, the NARCOTIC DRUGS like ganja, charas, bhaang, opium and cocaine are produced from PLANTS, which even the vegetarians can consume!! Many vegetarians are ADDICTED to such NARCOTIC DRUGS, which can do very great HARM to their HEALTH. 

  TOBACCO is another very HARMFUL product of VEGETABLE origin, which is CHEWED by millions of people in India, even though it is known to cause ORAL CANCER. It also causes LUNG CANCER in millions of people who SMOKE beedis and cigarettes, or use SNUFF, which contain TOBACCO. 

   Why have the VEGETARIANS never thought of getting the consumption of TOBACCO RESTRICTED, so that the incidence of ORAL and LUNG CANCER is greatly REDUCED in our country? The VEGETARIANS should NOT WASTE their time and energy in getting the sale of MEAT BANNED in India. 
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