Saturday, September 19, 2015

FTII Strike 100th Day: A Battleground To Preserve The Secular Polity Of India

CC News Letter 19 Sep- FTII Strike 100th Day: A Battleground To Preserve The Secular Polity Of India

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In Solidarity
Binu Mathew

FTII Strike 100th Day: A Battleground To Preserve The Secular Polity Of India
By Binu Mathew

Today is the 100th day of the heroic strike of the Film and Television institute of India (FTII), Pune students. For the last nine days three students are on hunger strike. Their hunger strike is now on for 200 hours. Lives are at stake, yet the Government of India doesn't move. The strike started by 200 odd students of FTII has spread far and wide, to every nook and corner of India and has become a movement against saffronisation of India's secular polity

A Question From Afghanistan, "Can We Abolish War?"
By Dr Hakim

Hadisa, a bright 18 year old Afghan girl, ranks as the top student in her 12th grade class. "The question is," she wondered, "are human beings capable of abolishing war?"

Sometimes A Clock Is Just A Clock
By Rosemarie Jackowski

"They arrested me and accused me of making a hoax bomb." That is what 14 year old Ahmed Mohamed said. He was handcuffed and arrested because of an innocent high school project. Irving, Texas Police Chief Larry Boyd commented: "We live in an age where you can't take things like that to school." This is Islamophobia gone wild. In case you missed it - Ahmed made a clock. He took the clock to school to show his teachers. Then someone mistook the clock for a bomb. "Paranoia runs deep..."

Stop The Illegal Separation Barrier!
By Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum Jerusalem Inter-Church Centre

Recently the shocking situation in the Cremisan valley and Bir Ouna has come to the attention of the world. Israeli forces have been uprooting hundreds of olive trees in order to clear space for a new section of the Separation Barrier. This new effort to annex occupied Palestinian territory directly affects Palestinian wellbeing. These developments have been distressing for the entire Palestinian community. It has a direct impact especially on Palestinian Christians, who are made more vulnerable by these actions from the Government of Israel. This is a clear violation of international law

Chasing The Expert Committee Along The Narmada Canal
By Ananyaa Gaur

ON 8th September villagers of Mundla (a village, 25 km from Indore) sat and protested in front of the cars by blocking the way of the Expert Committee which was appointed by the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests, to monitor the environmental aspects of the Indira Sagar (ISP) and Omkareshwar (OSP) canals

Ethnic Unrest Over, Wails Refuse To Die In Assam
By Aishik Chanda

More than nine months have passed since the latest ethnic violence in the westernmost district of Assam and Bodo Territorial Administrative Districts (BTAD), but still residents of New Angthaibari relief camp near Kochugaon in Kokrajhar district refuse to go back to their village, less than a kilometer away from the camp

Change Through Education Among Endangered Toto Tribe
By Aishik Chanda

An interview by Aishik Chanda of Sanchita Toto, the third graduate from the endangered Toto tribe in the Indo-Bhutan border in Totopara, West Bengal. Totos number around 1,500 and blood cancer is prevalent in the tribe due to strict endogamy. Sanchita, who aims to be a civil servant, is working on ways to revive the almost lost script of Toto language that has speakers in only one village – Totopara. The Totos have linguistically and culturally no resemblance with the neighbouring peoples like Bengalis, Adivasis, Nepalis and Rajbongshis. They are a separate people altogether and reside only in Totopara

Review: 'Time of Exile' Is A Classical of Its Own Category
By Onkar Sharma

'Time of Exile' proves to be a tale of our times where the governments are conspiring and hatching conspiracies…
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