Sunday, September 20, 2015

Cry for Hindu Rashtra In Nepal!

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The constitution directly violates the clear mandate expressed in the recent public opinion on the draft constitution. They were clearly for 'Hindu rastra' and against 'Sanghiyata.' Mere agreements between political parties do not constitute mandate, more so the agreements with undemocratic Maoists. There must be direct input of the people. The CA led by the syndicate of a few undemocratic and foreign influenced leaders deliberately ignored such people's input.

Compare the current constitution with the 1990 constitution created by PM KP Bhattarai. The 1990 constitution was not objected by any. It was lauded as one of the best. There were enough provisions for amendments, if needed. All the NC, UML and even Maoists leaders got elected under and sworn to abide by it. No serious legal scholars wrote any against it. On the contrary, the 2015 constitution is objected from different quarters. 

The problem is the Maoists insurgency in 1996 against democracy to impose communism. Unfortunately, it was also aided by European Churches to facilitate conversion, and by India to have better control of internal affairs of Nepal. The NC / UML leaders who swore by democracy and the 1990 constitution ran away as soon as a few Maoists Terrorists showed up. They even agreed to include un-elected Maoists (30%) in the interim parliament. That is, the interim parliament is part democracy (70%) and part communist (30%), a direct violation of the very principles of democracy and the people's mandate.

The 2015 constitution is a sad and bad case. It does not reflect the core of people's wish. It is designed merely to appease internal and external anti-national forces. The CA deliberately did not even discuss the important national issues. As is, they remain impositions against people's wish through Maoists terror and foreign meddling.

The following issues must be discussed and referendum held for the mandate.

a. Democracy vs. Communism

b. Hindu rastra vs. Secular     

c. United Nepal vs. Sanghiyata

d. Parliamentary vs. Mixed system

It is democracy, let people decide. Imposed decision against people's wish is Treason.

Thanks, Tilak Shrestha, Ph.D.

On Sat, Sep 19, 2015 at 4:52 AM, Madan Dahal <>wrote:
The rise of Nepal !

The rise of Nepal as a new Federal Democratic Republic country in the world with the emergence of new Constitution (2015) is, indeed, aftermath of incessant struggle for democracy in Nepal for the last six and a half decades. However, it is significant that the new constitution must ensure durable peace, stability and robust growth in conformity with the aspirations of common people and also hope that Nepal would be transformed into a strong economic nation-state with a climax of prosperity in not too distant future. 

To my presumption the new Constitution is the hallmark of national unity, integration, sovereignty and a gateway to move toward a great leap forward ensuring modernization with existence of glorified civilization. What is important today is to exhibit and strengthen solidarity by preserving greater social harmony among different segments of the society in Nepal. 

The promulgation of new Constitution on Sunday September 20, 2015 at 5 pm would be the unique and golden memento and also a colorful premium to be presented by the contemporary generation of Nepal to younger generation ensuring their better future with security and prosperity. The bewildered journey toward unidentified destination coupled with great risks and mysterious uncertainties for many years leading to a failure state would be over with the declaration of new Constitution.

Madan Dahal

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