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Beef Ban In Jammu And Kashmir: A Dangerous Political Game

CC News Letter 11 Sep - Beef Ban In Jammu And Kashmir: A Dangerous Political Game

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Beef Ban In Jammu And Kashmir: A Dangerous Political Game
By Imran Khan

After Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Rajasthan, now beef is being banned in the only Muslim majority (so called state) of Jammu and Kashmir. Neither the collective conscience, nor the fundamental rights (particularly the right to freedom of religion) were cared while pronouncing such an unjust and biased decision. Though Kashmiries will not accept and follow any such beef ban, but it is time for our society and leaders to unite together and protect our religious rights and at the same time show tolerance and stick to communal harmony and treat an issue like beef ban as a handiwork of few communal elements only

Indian PM: Remotely Controlled By Communal Group And Acting Against Nation
By Ravi Nitesh

When Government of India (through BJP) and RSS sat together officially for three days in their so called 'coordination' meet, it is like an open truth that who is who. This 'coordination meet' is a slap on the face of millions of youths who preferred their vote for development but feeling cheated now. This coordination meet is an insult of democratic values and constitution of India

Rupert Murdoch's Fox News Says Refugee Crisis Is Putin's Scheme. The Backstory
By Eric Zuesse

And European nations take this leadership as their own, instead of abandoning the U.S., abandoning NATO, and abandoning the U.S.-controlled EU; abandoning all the mega-corporate, U.S.-aristocracy-controlled, international-corporate fascist system — and now they willingly take in the millions of refugees from the bombs that the U.S. had dropped in Libya and Syria, and that the U.S.-installed rabidly anti-Russian government in Ukraine is dropping onto the areas of the former Ukraine that have rejected the U.S.-imposed (in February 2014) government in Kiev. And the next target is Putin. So: that's the backstory behind the lie that Putin instead of Obama caused those millions of refugees pouring into Europe

Where Are The Musim States When Muslims Need Them The Most?
By Mirza Arif Beg

For decades, Muslim apologists and scholars from across the world have recognized the role played by imperialistic powers such as France and Britain which helped create fake borders on the Middle-eastern territory . However, what has been completely sidelined is the role played by Muslim states like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran in further intensifying the deeply entrenched sectarian schism within Islam

Mounting Refugee Crisis
By Gazi Hassan

Countries/nations across the globe should soften migration laws. It is necessary because it is need of the hour, laws should not be confined to the civilians only but it should have a wide scope for accommodating refugees, migrants and all those people in dire need of humanitarian assistance.And organization such as ICRC should make every possible effort to make sure that countries abide by the International Humanitarian Law. Saudi Arabia guardian of two Holy Mosques of Islam and other wealthy nations of Muslim world should come forward with open handsand safe guard to the affected people. India and other South Asian Nations should also come forward to help and start accepting the refugees for the cause of humanity

US Destabilization Policy Toward The Middle East:: A Historical Perspective
By Jon Kofas

The current crisis convergence in the Ukraine and the Middle East poses challenges for US foreign policy. However, it also demonstrates glaring contradictions and credibility gap not just today, but as a historical phenomenon that has been evident since the early Cold War

Melting Permafrost, Deadly Viruses, Male Scientists: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
By Mickey Z.

Patriarchy has ruled and ruined for far too long. The result is homicide, genocide, femicide, ecocide, omnicide. The result is widespread necrophilia from which we just may have a chance to recover…if only we'd choose biophilia. If only we'd name the fuckin' problem: Male Pattern Violence

When It Comes To America's Endless War: Nothing Succeeds Like Failure
By Nick Turse

Will episodic training with militaries regularly implicated in human rights abuses, militaries that overthrow their governments, and militaries that have consistently failed to defeat local terror groups turn them into professional, successful armies when longer-term, more intensive, bigger-budget U.S. efforts to build-up national armies from South Vietnam to Afghanistan and Iraq have been so ineffective? "It's not difficult to make the case that we are viewed as aliens," says Bacevich. "Therefore the prospects of being able to effectively transmit whatever the magic is that makes an army into an effective force is not likely to be in the offing. But still, we're always disappointed and surprised when it turns out we can't pull that off."

Aadivasi's Cultural Identity In Jharkhand's Under Assault
By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

The lush green region of the Santhal aadivasis is under the assault of money bags with huge concrete structures are being built around the area of Madhuban, the town where Parasnath hills are located. It is not just huge ashrams, temples, religious universities but townships are also being built around the area ignoring completely the environmental norms as well as the feelings of the local aadivasi communities. Their lands are being grabbed illegally violating all the rules and laws of the state--
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