Wednesday, August 12, 2015

****What is the POLITICAL DNA of Narendra Modi?

****What is the POLITICAL DNA of Narendra Modi?***** 

   Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been ABSOLUTELY WRONG in making fun of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's POLITICAL DNA. Why has he ignored Nitish Kumar's EXCELLENT administrative abilities?  

   Can Narendra Modi tell us what his POLITICAL DNA is? Was Modi's father any POLITICAL LEADER? We all know that Narendra Modi is from a FAMILY of CHAIWALLAHS!! Without getting any POLITICAL DNA from his FAMILY, why did Narendra Modi fight in the Gujarat Assembly elections to become the state's Chief Minister? Later, why did he fight in the Lok Sabha elections of 2014 to become the Prime Minister of India? 

*****Rahul Gandhi has the "BEST" POLITICAL DNA, as he is the son of Rajiv Gandhi, grandson of Indira Gandhi and great grandson of Jawaharlal Nehru, all of whom had been the Prime Ministers of India.***** 

   So, without having any POLITICAL DNA himself, why did Narendra Modi do everything to prevent Rahul Gandhi from becoming the Prime Minister of India? Narendra Modi knows that Rahul Gandhi has the HIGHEST POLITICAL DNA!! Will Narendra Modi resign from the post of Prime Minister and offer it to Rahul Gandhi just because the latter has the HIGHEST POLITICAL DNA?

*****If we consider Narendra Modi's POLITICAL GODFATHERS, we should remember that he has KICKED OUT all of them from the TOP POSITIONS of POWER in the BJP!!*****  

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