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TNA betrays Eezham Tamils by succumbing to LLRC hoodwink: Thirumurugan

TNA betrays Eezham Tamils by succumbing to LLRC hoodwink: Thirumurugan

[TamilNet, Sunday, 16 August 2015, 11:32 GMT]
Thirumurugan Gandhi of May 17 Movement in Tamil Nadu has urged the Eezham Tamils and the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) not to commit an irreversible historic betrayal to the Tamil struggle by opting to succumb to a discourse, which has been conceived to trap the Eezham Tamils through the LLRC-oriented, US-designed resolutions passed in the Human Rights Council. The discourse systematically sabotages international investigations on genocide. The same architects are also trying to trap the Eezham Tamils through TNA's election manifesto, which seeks to negate the path of Tamil sovereignty and full right to self-determination. The TNA, after placing the election manifesto, has failed to respond to the key issues in the debate, the Tamil Nadu activist said in a video address to Eezham Tamils. 

Thirumurugan Gandhi was making analogies with often-mentioned examples of South Africa and Palestine. 

What would have been the response of native South Africans if they had been told to accept a 'reconciliation' model designed on the premises of the apartheid regime without arriving at a solution that allowed the native South Africans to exercise their sovereignty and right to self-determination in the first place, Mr Thirumurgan asked. 

The US-designed discourse expects the Sri Lankan State, which is a party to the conflict and a party that carried out genocide, primarily to deliver justice and wants Eezham Tamils to collaborate with the regimes in Colombo through the electoral politics. Tamils should therefore be aware and make wise choices through realising the real traps, he said. 

Thirumurugan Gandhi said that the May 17 Movement opposed the content of the US-resolutions, because these were not calling for international investigations on genocide. The resolutions were based on the LLRC recommendations in demanding solutions from the Sri Lankan State. 

Eezham Tamils cannot be expected to limit their mandate to an investigation that is taken forward by the party to the conflict. Further, Eezham Tamils should not give space for any interpretation that they are sanctioning an investigation, even if it is an outside investigation, when it explicitly avoids addressing the pertinent crime of genocide. 

Like Palestinians, the Eezham Tamils should be firm in demanding a self-governing authority of their own, which can enable them to articulate their political demands without the restrictions placed on them by the Sinhala sovereignty, which is exercised through the Sri Lankan unitary constitution, the activist from Tamil Nadu said. 

In Geneva, Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam, was making the demand for extra-constitutional interim arrangement. The TNA should also demand the same. It is the duty of the right thinking sections of the TNA to course-correct the TNA polity, he said. 

In this regard, the Genocide Resolution passed by the Northern Provincial Council (NPC), although it is restricted by the system of the Sri Lankan State, is a milestone achievement, Thirumurugan said. 

May 17 Movement was promoting the idea of burning the copies of Sri Lankan Constitution and the US draft resolutions. The movement has also demonstrated its ability to understand the tricks and designs of the global outfits such as the International Crisis Group (ICG).

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