Friday, August 21, 2015

The Helios Biblios Hour : Celebrating Bwa Kayiman with Ezili Danto

The Helios Biblios Hour : Celebrating Bwa Kayiman with Ezili Danto


The Afrikan warriors at Bwa Kayiman did what Spartacus could not do. What the Biblical Jesus Christ never even tried to do. The Haitian warriors at Bwa Kayiman led a revolution that abolished slavery after 1200 years of Arab enslavement on the African continent and 300 years of European slavery in Haiti.224 years ago, on August 14, 1791, Haitian men and women at Bwa Kayiman held the Vodun ceremony and war council that began the Haiti revolution. The Haitian Revolution challenged, condemned and abolished the practice of slavery, a feat not even the Christians' most revered Jesus, ever did. This, set a new moral path for humanity on planet earth. The men, women and children who fought the Haiti revolution where the first to bring liberty into application in nation form after the Christian destroyers had begun their genocide rampage in the Americas. The profit-over-people nations, are still mercilessily  beating up Haitians to a pulp, to this day, in the vain hopes of eradicating the accomplishments of the Bwa Kayiman warriors and Haiti Revolution. But we're still resisting tyranny. We're still here to mark August 14th every year until eternity and to reach for the Ancestral force running in our DNA that keeps us fighting the terror of the imperialists and their agents."Bwa Kayiman August 14, 1791 was the Vodun war council and gathering that began the great Haiti revolution which started August 22, 1791 and where Afrikans beat, in combat, the French, the Spanish and the English to abolish slavery, colonialism, forced assimilation and European Triangular Trade.

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