Saturday, August 15, 2015


*****BIHARI BAABOO Shatrughan Sinha is MOST DANGEROUS for BJP as VILLAIN*****

   Shatrughan Sinha has one BIG AMBITION to fulfill in his life. For a long time, he has had a STRONG DESIRE to become the CHIEF MINISTER of Bihar. He is ANNOYED with the TOP leaders of BJP for IGNORING his ASPIRATIONS for getting a BIGGER ROLE in shaping Bihar's DESTINY. 

   Shatrughan Sinha will even be READY to JOIN the JDU if that party can PROMISE to make him the NEXT Chief Minister of Bihar!! Many people have realized why he is HOBNOBBING with the leaders of JDU, RJD, AAP and the Congress.

   Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah DON'T have the COURAGE to EXPEL the BIHARI BAABOO from their party. They just WON'T ALLOW Shatrughan Sinha to be the HERO by making him the CHIEF MINISTER of Bihar, but they also CANNOT AFFORD to make him a VILLAIN by EXPELLING him from the BJP!! If they DARE to EXPEL him BEFORE the Bihar ASSEMBLY elections, Shatrughan Sinha will DEFINITELY CAUSE a MASSIVE DEFEAT of the BJP in the state!! 

*****After its DEFEAT in Bihar, the BJP will become WEAKER and WEAKER, which will make it SUFFER more DEFEATS in other ASSEMBLY elections, till the BJP finally SUFFERS a MASSIVE DEFEAT in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections!!*****

   Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have lost their POPULARITY and CREDIBILITY because of their FAILURE in implementing their BOGUS PROMISES of reducing taxes, bringing down prices of essential commodities and ENDING CORRUPTION. The AAM AADMEE of India now knows that both of them are BIG HYPOCRITES who DON'T BELIEVE in keeping their PROMISES!! 

   The COMMON PEOPLE of Bihar also DON'T trust the BJP leaders any longer. 
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