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Number of RSS Shakhas

Number of RSS Shakhas
Shamsul Islam

Anahita Mukherji's report on RSS shakhas is interesting and informative. It is significant to cull all these details about an organization run secretively as it claims that "there is no formal membership". However, the Anahita has relied solely on RSS briefings and did not bother to verify the claims made by RSS. Interestingly RSS has been quoting figures from 40 thousand to 60 thousands of its running shakhas. Double/triple speak has been an integral part of RSS and this difference of thousands should be seen in that context. 

The report rightly tells that the largest increase in shakhas across India took place between 2013-14 and 2014-15, the period of Modi as PM. This is understandable. Under the present regime almost led by RSS cadres you have to be well-connected to RSS in order to get jobs, contracts and inchargeships of national public institutions. Vyapam & DMAT scandals in MP showed how RSS facilitated it. The controversies about FTII, IIMs, NBT, Prasar Bharti, ICHR, ICCR, SEBI etc. are the living examples how RSS has been pushing its cadres to these bodies. As an alumni of the University of Delhi I can see that since one RSS cadre took over as PM of India only RSS cadres have been appointed as principals, faculty and non-teaching staff. 

The increasing shakhas carry an ominous signal to a democratic-secular India. Its stranglehold of India will lead to destruction of our all-inclusive nation. RSS is committed to convert India into a Hindu theocratic country. It denigrates the Tricolour describing it as inauspicious and injurious for India (RSS organ Organizer, August 14, 1947). It believes in Casteism and claims it is synonymous with Hinduism. It wants promulgation of Manusmriti replacing a democratic-secular Constitution (Organizer November 30, 1949). It has no faith in democracy. The RSS ideologue, MS Golwalkar declared that they want "one flag, one leader and one ideology" (addressing 1350 top level cadres of the RSS at its headquarters at Nagpur in 1940). The nation needs to rise up to challenge the politics of RSS which wants to take the country to a Hindu Pakistan after 68 years of Independence; the theocratic path which destroyed Islamic Pakistan.

S. Islam

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