Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Nepal is a multi-cultural and multi-lingual nation. We are proud of and must promote our multi-dimensional heritages.

Dear all: Namaste!
Today we are helplessly watching the fruits of 'Jatiya hostility' of the poison seeds deliberately planted by Maoists in their strategy of 'divide and rule' towards imposing Communism against democracy, aided by Churches to facilitate conversions. All nationalist Nepalese should stand up against. 
Nepal is a multi-cultural and multi-lingual nation. We are proud of and must promote our multi-dimensional heritages. We should respect and promote our many cultures and languages. But it does not mean nor help by making it a territorial compromises. We have over 100 ethnic groups. Can all have states? Who gets? Who does not? What districts goes to Newa rajya? Which to Tamasaling? The way to the ethnic states is the way to deliberate disaster.
The current 14 Anchals and 5 Bikash regions are created by professional geographers, economists, sociologists of the 'National Planning Commission' under the leadership of late honorable Dr. Hark Bahadur Gurung. There is research and rational behind it. Of course, it can always be edited. However, there is no rational behind 6 states, 7 states or 9 and half states. They are temporary compromises and personal whims, without any rhyme or reason. Worst, it is merely to appease terrorists. You terrorize, you get, You be peaceful, you  do not. It is surely a way to create multi-dimensional all around unprecedented Jatiya frictions. 
We should have overlapping cultural ethnic regions, but not ethnic states. That is, suppose we declare whole of Bagmati Anchal as Tamasaling and all citizens Tamangs one day. Let the day be the celebration of Tamang culture and language. Let some other day whole of Bagmati Anchal be Newa rajya, every body Newars and celebrate Newar culture. That would foster brotherhood / sisterhood. But territorial compromise will make Newars and Tamangs fight, which we never had in our history. 
Yes, we have many sub-groups marginalized. But the strategy to uplift them must be - a. education, b. job / business opportunities, and c. inclusive politics. But it cannot be the ethnic states. 
We all are equal citizens of democratic Nepal. The equality means NO to special rights or reservations. There can be special provisions only for socially marginalized micro-minority light Raute or Handicapped. It is nonsense to claim 'Rights' of minorities. Nepal is not a nation of majority and minority, but many minorities. Which of our constitution discriminates by minority? Panchayat constitution? Constitution of 1990? On the contrary, all of them are against any form of discrimination.
Let the issue of Sanghiyata or Federal states be discussed / debated for public information. Let there be referendum for the mandate. It is democracy, let informed people decide. Let us also be cognizant that as per the recent poll on the draft constitution people do not want Sanghiyata. Any political decisions without mandate is Treason and not unacceptable. 
Tilak Shrestha, PH.D.

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