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July 2015 Was Warmest Month Ever Recorded For The Globe

CC News Letter 22-23 August - July 2015 Was Warmest Month Ever Recorded For The Globe
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July 2015 Was Warmest Month Ever Recorded For The Globe
By Eric Zuesse

To global-warming-deniers such as the Koch brothers and Exxon/Mobil, the news that was reported on 20 August 2015 must be just a 'coincidence,' but the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported then that July 2015 was "the all-time highest monthly temperature" in this planet's entire scientifically recorded record, which started in 1880

A New Economic System, A New Society
By John Scales Avery

We need a new economic system, a new society, a new social contract, a new way of life. Here are the great tasks that history has given to our generation

EU Backs Greece's Tsipras As Left Platform Splits From Syriza
By Robert Stevens

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras' decision to call snap elections is a calculated maneuver aimed at establishing a new political framework for pushing through deeply unpopular austerity measures. In the hours after Tsipras announced that he was resigning and calling the new elections, statements from European officials make clear that the decision was carried out under the direction of Greece's European Union (EU) creditors. Tsipras' Syriza party is expecting to be able to win the elections held next month and to form a new government, perhaps with one or another pro-austerity coalition partner

The West Spreads Intellectual Idiocy
By Andre Vltchek

The war for survival of humanity is already being fought. It is "The Great Humanistic War" -the warover people's brains and hearts, not over the territory. It can be also called the "information war", a "detox" war, or a war to bring human beings back to life from their intellectual intoxication, from their slumber and servility, a war for much better world, a war that would put knowledge above diplomas and stamps, human warmth and kindness aboveviolence and aggression, and human beings above profits and money. The victory can only arrive accompanied with knowledge, with independent thought, with rational humanism, with compassion and solidarity, and human warmth

An Open Letter To Hillary Clinton
By Rosemarie Jackowski

If you are elected president, what action will you take to compensate for the destruction of Iraq and the deaths of the civilians? Do you support reparations for Iraq? Your answer, or the lack of an answer, will give voters a clue to your sense of justice

Former IAEA Head of Verification: AP's Iran Doc A "Crude" Forgery
By Robert Barsocchini

Former head of verification and security policy coordination at the International Atomic Energy Agency, Tariq Rauf, told The Huffington Post that a document disseminated by AP, which purportedly says Iran will "self-inspect" the Parchin center, is "Likely a crude attempt to hinder [the negotiation process]… [The] origin of the document could be similar to that of the 'Niger Letter' re uranium purchases by Iraq." The "Niger Letter" was used as part of the effort to persuade the US public to support the US's illegal invasion of Iraq

Two More Syrian Heroes Murdered While Protecting Our Shared Cultural Heritage
By Franklin Lamb

Curating antiquities or attending international conferences on archaeology have become capital offenses among some claimed "religious purists." Two more Syrian nationalists who served all of us by protecting and preserving our global cultural heritage in this cradle of civilization were murdered within the past two weeks just six days apart

Wine And Water Watch (WWW) Challenges
Northern California's Invasive Wine Empire
By Shepherd Bliss

Sonoma County, California: Activists objecting to the over-growth of the wine/hospitality industry in rural areas of four Northern California counties have met monthly for half a year. At their August 15 meeting in Healdsburg, Sonoma County, one of the wine industry's epicenters, they agreed to name themselves Wine and Water Watch (WWW)

Anarchism, Marxism, And Victor Serge
By Staughton Lynd

A Review Essay of Anarchists Never Surrender: Essays, Polemics, and Correspondence on Anarchism, 1908-1938,ed. and translated by Mitchell Abidor

21 August, 2015

The Metastasizing US Military Drone Program
By Judith Bello

It was never in doubt that the US has expanded its military drone program continuously, at least since 2001, and continues to do so. Not only have the numbers of active, armed Predators and Reapers increased, but continuing research and development have yielded larger, faster drones capable of carrying more armaments, better video feeds, and more security. Smaller drones that can go unnoticed with the capacity to obtain visual or audio information, or deliver a small weapon, say a poison dart are also under intensive development

The Latest Science on Global Warming
By Eric Zuesse

Because of the prejudiced coverage of the global warming issue that's common in much of the press, I have decided to present highlights from one of the most comprehensive articles that's now being considered by one of the world's top scientific journals on the topic: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. This is the latest scientific knowledge on the subject. The paper is titled: "Ice melt, sea level rise and superstorms: evidence from paleoclimate data, climate modeling, and modern observations that 2 ◦C global warming is highly dangerous," by J. Hansen et al

Is Russia A Threat To America's National Security?
By G. Asgar Mitha

The past five years have seen a chorus of American neo-cons levelling charges that Russia poses a national security threat. But exactly how and why remains an enigma. Is the threat military, geo-political, economic (including energy) or social or a combination? It is certainly strange that Russia should be a threat when it has been America that has an undisputed record of being national security threats to just about every country on this planet
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