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Is It "Now Or Never" For India's Left Forces? Innovate To survive

CC News Letter 01 August - Is It "Now Or Never" For India's Left Forces? Innovate To survive

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Worst Flood In 200 Years Hits India's Troubled State Manipur
By Madhu Chandra

Neither the national media nor state media reported the worst flood that affected in one of India's most troubled states, Manipur. Entire Thoubal district and parts of Chandel district are submerged. The state's print media and television news channels, mostly based in the state capital Imphal,ignored the floods, while covering the a month long public strike demanding the Inner Land Permit law. This is said to be the worst flood in 200 years. The state government is in total chaos and unprepared to tackle the situation

Kos, Bodrum, Desperate Refugees And A Dying Child
By Andre Vltchek

This little Iraqi boy, fighting for his life in the hospital in Kos, should be a rallying cry for the Greek humanists. He should be helped by all means, instead of being abandoned to his terrible fate. But until now he is receiving very little help! He should be assisted especially now, when the Greece itself is in distress. Solidarity is the most precious during the most difficult times! Wake up, people! The boy is not just some "Iraqi refugee": he is a fellow human being. He is just 3 years old boy, damn it, and he is suffering from terrible pain, and soon he may die. Battle for his life would be the real battle for great Greece; a country that could show how big is her heart, elevating herself well above that morally declining West! Remember, this "Iraqi" boy in the hospital, he is your child too, Greece. But if you don't act, he will turn to your specter!

Greece Is Not The Major Problem – Europe Is
By Siv O'Neall

The Greek crisis is very much the work of the so-called 'free market' where anything goes. Big banks, led by Goldman Sachs and other vicious speculators pounced on unhappy Greece already in crisis situation due to slack governments, tax evasion and a high level of corruption. The unscrupulous vultures had now secretly stored away booties at the expense of the Greek people

Return To Ma'loula
By Franklin Lamb

Ma'loula, Syria: As of today, approximately 900 Christians and 50 Muslims from the pre-2011 population of 5000, of whom 80% were Christian and 20% Muslim, have returned to Ma'loula, their 90 AD ancient village that many consider the second most historic Christian village, after Jerusalem. Over the past five weeks, this observer has been surveying and updating data as part of an archeological research project, on a modest selected number of the 152 archeological sites here in Syria that have been severely damaged over the past four years. Ma'loula, is among the nearly 7000 historic places in Syria that have been looted, burned, or bulldozed or subjected to mindless jihadist iconoclasm as being 'un-Islamic," or which have sustained war damage from more than one source

Left Progressives Collaborated As Investors In Genocide Owned
CNN CIA US Gov & NATO Destroyed Libya
By Jay Janson

Gaddafi overthrew a British installed King, brought Libya from Africa's poorest nation to be its wealthiest with a UN Quality of Life Index higher than 9 European countries. A million Libyans out of a total population 6, desperately demonstrated for their Green Book Democracy and beloved Gaddafi outside Tripoli as Britain & France bombed. Left Progressives either collaborated with or were silent re lies used to destroy Libya

Postcard From The End Of America: Jack's Famous Bar In Philadelphia
By Linh Dinh

I've depicted Jack's in a Kensington Postcard, two poems and even a Vietnamese article. In business since the end of Prohibition, Jack's is the last bastion of a Kensington that existed before all the factories moved out and the heroin came in. Old timers on a shrunken budget can mosey in to get buzzed for under five bucks. Though a pitcher of Yuengling is only $3.75, I once saw a woman sit for at least an hour drinking nothing. She just lifted an empty mug to her lips every few minutes

Is It "Now Or Never" For India's Left Forces? Innovate To survive
By S.G.Vombatkere

In view of the foregoing, all big and small Left parties would do well to: (1) Sense and accept the existential threat to the Left as a whole, (2) Haul themselves by their own bootstraps out of inapplicable dogma and organizational rigidity, (3) View revolution as ideology-free engagement with PEOPLE and People's Movements on the ground, (4) Arrange to jointly manage their inter se affairs in a non-confrontational, non-antagonistic atmosphere, so as to jointly move towards convergence and unification, and (5) Chart a course for the 2019 general elections including panchayat, ULB and state elections along the way

Selective Conscience And The Death Penalty
By Salina Wilson

I personally disagree with death penalty in principle not only because of the arbitrary way in which it is allotted, not only because of the levels of inconsistencies as demonstrated above compounded by the influence of the executive over the judiciary, not only because I support restorative justice over retribution, not only because I do not associate with the culture of barbaric blood thirst; I disagree because it is fundamentally wrong to kill. In my analysis, it does not serve any purpose other than demonstrating to the general public that something has been done about an instance of violence thereby excusing the state of the responsibility and accountability to resolve or address the structural factors underlying that violence

Yakub Memon Hanging And The Shindig of 'Public Conscience'
By Muhammad Naved Ashrafi

Based on imbroglio of 'public-conscience', Yakub Memon was hanged on 30th of July in what later turned out to be an episode of cold-blooded murder convened by the state itself. The so called notion of public-conscience, mooted whether in heydays of United Progressive Alliance (UPA) or in days of 'development-utopia' of ruling National Democratic Alliance (NDA), keeps a lethal etiology. This public-conscience i.e. Jan-Chetna—to call it in vernacular parlance—has compelled the largest democracy to metamorphose in to a living graveyard through a continuum of regressive events

Secularism, Democracy, Justice And Human Rights Were Hanged With Yakub Memon

Solidarity Youth Movement of Kerala held symbolic hanging all over Kerala against the execution of Yakub Memon. Four protesters symbolizing Secularism, Democracy, Justice and Human Rights were symbolically hanged to highlight the fact that by hanging Yakub Memon to death, these cornerstones of Indian democracy also died. Symbolic hangings were held in all district headquarters of Kerala

Sardar Sarovar Project: Water Tourism or Watery Grave ?
By Narmada Bachao Andolan

Lives of Lakhs at Stake: Large scale submergence at doorstep. "Special"Saturday Hearing on 1st August for Narmada Oustees in Supreme Court

A Critical Appraisal Of Tourism Industry In Kashmir
By Umer Jeelanie Banday

The present form of tourism is going to be a matter of concern for rapid change in environment which is going to be a cause of drastic change in climate seen now a days in Kashmir. The government has to develop appropriate policies, legislation and plans and instituted mechanism to apply strict standards, threshold limit and regulations for sustainable tourism

Feeling Insecure, Millionaires Are Leaving India In Hoards
By Abdul Rashid Agwan

Whereas successive Indian governments are striving to promote FDI since economic liberalization in 1991 by attracting overseas capital with investment and technological transformation in view, India is facing a 'reverse osmosis' of Indian billionaires and millionaires who are leaving the country in huge numbers to settle anywhere in the developed world. It has been reported that 61,000 millionaires have left India during the last 14 years in search of peace for themselves and quality education for their children

Mourning Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
By S.G.Vombatkere

Dr.Kalam was undoubtedly an unusual person, who rose to nationally and internationally accepted greatness by dint of his hard work, and was awarded India's highest civilian award, Bharat Ratna. The critical comments offered here do not detract from the essential simplicity and honesty of this son of India who came from the deep south to sit at the commanding heights of the nation, and charm many of its millions, nor detract from the genuine mourning of his death by many people

Great Victory For 'Delhi State Anganwadi Workers And Helpers Union'
By Shivani Kaul

Anganwadi workers movement forces the Kejriwal Government to accept all demands
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