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Greece: Raped, Humiliated, Frightened But Standing!

CC News Letter 10 August - Greece: Raped, Humiliated, Frightened But Standing!

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In Solidarity
Binu Mathew

Greece: Raped, Humiliated, Frightened But Standing!
By Andre Vltchek

In Greece, it all feels like a calm before a huge storm. People are being fired from their jobs, we are told. Hospitals are overcrowded and local doctors are overstretched, but working, heroically, with low, unrealistically low budgets and deeply reduced salaries. But they are working! No matter what the mainstream Western mass media "reports", Greece is suffering, but it is not collapsing. Pensioners are now barely surviving on amounts lower than those in Thailand and in most of Latin America. But they are surviving, due to the strong (un-European) family structure and solidarity of Greek people

The US Economy Continues Its Collapse
By Paul Craig Roberts

The claimed payroll jobs for July are in the usual categories familiar to us month after month year after year. They are domestic service jobs—waitresses and bartenders, retail clerks, transportation, warehousing, finance and insurance, health care and social assistance. Nothing to export in order to pay for massive imports. With scant growth in real median family incomes, as savings are drawn down and credit used up, even the sales part of the economy will falter. Clearly, this is not an economy that has a future

Green Left Pope Francis Demands Climate Action
"Without Delay" To Prevent Climate "Catastrophe"
By Dr Gideon Polya

In stark contrast to the terracidal One Percenters, Pope Francis recognizes a looming climate catastrophe and millions of premature deaths from carbon burning pollutants, demands massive decarbonisation and conversion to renewables starting without delay in the next few years, rejects Carbon Trading as a dishonest ploy, advocates a fully borne Carbon Price (Carbon Tax) on polluters, proposes boycotts of polluters, condemns loss of biodiversity and advises intergenerational solidarity

A Plea To Pope Francis: Name United States Foreign Policy Genocide
By Brian Terrell

Whether or not the pope gives the proper name to U.S. war policies (as we sincerely hope that he will) it is also important that we in the United States, the Christians among us especially, do not neglect to call genocide by its right name. Our plea to Pope Francis ends with an exhortation from the French existentialist, Albert Camus, "What the world expects of Christians is that Christians should speak out, loud and clear, and that they should voice their condemnation in such a way that never a doubt, never the slightest doubt, could rise in the heart of the simplest person."

Hiroshima & Nagasaki: Seven Decades And Counting
By Jim Hickey

I've written about Hiroshima in general for forty odd years, and I've composed something tangible for every annual commemoration of the bombing for plus or minus a decade-and-a-half. Thus, again, I proffer ideas about this event and the even more egregious slaughter that followed three days hence at Nagasaki

10 Unmentionables At The Republican Non-Debate
By Gary Corseri

1. Global Climate Change. 2. The Mal-distribution of Wealth. 3. Pollution. 4. The Militarization of the American Police. 5. NAFTA. 6. Occupy Wall Street. 7. Mental Illness.8. Contextualization. 9. The Degradation of Culture. 10. Overpopulation

In Defense Of The Political Novel And Review of Gaither Stewart's "Time of Exile"
Book Review By Kendall Mercer

Although this is a story of dangerous adventure and fiery romantic love, which takes the reader to exotic locations across the face of Europe from Bulgaria, to Belgrade in Serbia, to Rome, to Istanbul and finally Berlin, Time of Exile is also a political story: the political awakening of Elmer, the 19-year old genius who leaves MIT and joins the army to see the world. His political education begins there

#BlackLivesMatter Not Intended To Include 'Black' Lives Taken By GI's Overseas
By Jay Janson

#BlackLivesMatter movement operates in blatant disbelief of Martin Luther King's moral and entirely logical warning; 'will be no progress on social justice issues at home while we go on killing the poor overseas at a such an enormous expenditure of social and financial resources that makes such progress at home impossible.' Another example of American exceptionalism is Occupy Wall St. diverting attention from US wars

American Workers And The Welfare State
By Jon Kofas

Are American workers "inefficient" (producing more at a lower cost to their counterparts around the world) or are they the cause for the lack of "competitiveness"? Are US wages too high and productivity too low, and is efficiency measured only in terms of maximum profits to the exclusion of all other factors? Are workers the reason that US companies relocating to Mexico, Vietnam, China, Brazil and other countries as part of the de-industrialization process in the last forty years?

Biometric Data Collection, Aadhaar Number And Related Programs Is A Black Act
Public Statement By Concerned Citizens

Right to privacy is an inalienable birth right & fundamental right. Open war against sensitive personal information like biometric data through aadhaar and Human DNA Profiling Bill 2015 is condemnable

Manufacturing Islamophobic Consent
By Ghulam Mohammad Khan

Though the term 'Islamophobia' only entered into the common English usage in 1997 with the publication of a report by the Runnymede Trust (a left-wing think tank), the history of the unfounded hostility of the West towards Muslims, their politics, culture and religion, is as old as the history of the expansion of Islam to the Iberian Peninsula, located in southwest corner of Europe, in eighth century

Telangana Wants To Have Its Own Karamchedu
By Anand Teltumbde

Telangana region unlike Rayalseema and coastal Andhra, did not have history of caste atrocity. It was deceptively attributed to radical movements the region had since colonial times. But as Patapally revealed it is the terrible power asymmetry between the dominant castes and Dalits that perhaps thwarted any big flare up of caste conflict. As KCR fails to fulfill his electoral promises he made to the people, particularly Dalits, he might be wanting to have his own Karamchedu in Telangana to deflect attention

Screen Patti's Spoof Of The New FTII Chairman And His Ideology Is Hilarious

Screen Patti's new talk show "Daaru Pe Charcha" features actor Rajesh Sharma in its first episode as Gajendra Chauhan, the newly appointed chairman of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), and he is hilarious! He speaks about his appointment as the chairman of the institute and why he is the right person for the designation. He also shares his ideology behind cinema and his vision about the film institute

Born Free But....
By Mallika Kaur

Even the most well meaning, highly educated, seemingly liberal among us reinforce stereotypes that fuel gender discrimination
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