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Cameron alienating Muslims, say Labour leaders in exclusive interviews

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Cameron alienating Muslims, say Labour leaders in exclusive interviews

15 August 2015

Candidates standing to be the next leader of the Labour Party have criticised Prime Minister, David Cameron, for effective demonising the entire Muslim community in Britain and attempting to deny them the right of having any opinions themselves at all.

"People will express opposing views and I have expressed my view pretty forthright. I don't see how it helps tackle extremism for the Prime Minister of the country to alienate the community it is trying to deal with the problem" of terrorism, Andy Burnham said.

"I feel at the moment that the message that is coming out from politicians and politics makes members from the Muslim community in my own constituency feel like they are being demonised and that is wrong," said Liz Ken Kendall.

The two MPs, seeking to replace Ed Miliband, were questioned on a range of issues, including Cameron's latest outburst in Birmingham, when The Muslim News Editor Ahmed J Versi caught up with them just before they began hustings on July 30. The other candidates, Yvette Cooper and Jeremy Corbyn, have yet to arrange requested interviews.

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