Sunday, May 17, 2015

The sixty-years'-celebration of Israel By Raja Chemayel

The sixty-years'-celebration of Israel 

By Raja Chemayel

[60 Years After Israel's Founding, Many Are Not in the Mood for a Party] comments !
What is there to celebrate ??
the 6 wars ??
the 4 million refugees ??
the 3 million occupied ??
the 1,5 million abducted-hostages ??
the 254 km of an Apartheid- Wall ??
the 562 humiliation-check-points ??
the 20.000 Political-prisoners ??
468.831 new settlers on an occupied land ??
the disappearance of Palestine ??
the denial of any human-rights ,
any national-rights
any historical-rights ,
any political-rights to the Palestinians ??
the import of 4 million impostors
into a stolen land, that was never theirs ??
60 years of misery ,
of deprivation and or ethnic-cleansing ??
what are they celebrating ??
the event of a one United Nation Resolution
which was not anyhow binding , which allowed them to stay
the refusal of about 40 other resolutions
which were indeed binding ,
but asking them to leave ??
what are they celebrating ??
the massacres of
Deir Yasssin ,
Sabra and Chatilla ,
Jennin and Gaza ??
Who else but criminals celebrate a crime ??
60 Years of a constantly revolving crime ,
is no  reason to a celebration
but rather a reason to be ashamed
and to repent .
60 Years ago ,
we were farmers , teachers, workers ,
shop-keepers, carpenters , drivers and poets.........
now they made "Terrorists " out of us.
But at least , we the "terrorist"  are fighting against a crime
while those blue-eyed-Zionists  are ,themselves , the crime ,
that 60 years old Crime !
Raja Chemayel
six weeks older than Israel
the seventh day of May 60 years later

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