Sunday, May 17, 2015

Some wishes and some thanks

Happy Birthday for Hastakshep EditorAmalendu Upadhyaya

Wish him to continue the excellent work! 

Wish to continue the smile with which he accomplishes the most urgent task of our mission Alternative Media.

Wishes him to get the most necessary support from all directions!

This time I have got Birthday wishes from my cousin Chandrashekhar.

I also got a wish from my childhood oldest friend Nityanand Tekka.Thanks to facebook.Though at home,Sabita Babu just forgot the date with her intensive engagement with her cultural team,I got the cake from Google Doodle and floods of Birthday wishes from friends worldwide.

I am not that important.

Those who consider me,I am very very grateful to all of them.

Thanks friends,I would try my best that you should not be ashamed of my friendship.

I am also grateful to all those friends who opt for abusive language in case of dissent.At least they consider me!

Please spare the ladies while someone misuse the feminine gender to lodge their protest in X language.

You may use slang directly with your own ID and name and I am not going to defriend you nor I am going to court against you.

I respect your dissent and your freedom of Expression.It is up to you what language you chose.

I am habitual to be abused.

Palash Biswas

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