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Dheeraj Kumar
The following are the facts adequate to establish, "failure of democracy, justice, economy, transparency and secularism in the country :-
Nobody is able to become MLA without Rs.50 crores black money. Nobody is able to become MP without Rs.100 crores black money.
2. There is no development issues in elections, the elections are held only on basis of caste & religion. This form of democracy/political system have failed, first system should change and thereafter election should be held. The common man is unaware & fool and so exercising his franchise. The common man has no benefit from elections.
3. Everything is imported from abroad. Our has become country of consumers.
4. Corruption is a way of life and reached in blood. Even courts/judiciary are corrupt. No Justice for common man, case keeps pending for decades. The politicians are well aware of the fact that they have also utilized the black/illicit money to reach where they are. If corruption/crime is not originated through politicians, then why each government department at block level onwards directly remitting bribe to state capital, why each SHO remitting bribe to -----, why each MP/MLA is roaming with 10 mafias armed with illegal weapons. The Anti corruption initiative taken by the Delhi government, displaying use of 1031 in all nook & corner of the state is highly appreciable. However, no other state/central governments have ever taken steps or shown commitments against corruption.
5. Killers/mafias/corrupt ruling the country (example perpetrators of Gujrat riots etc.). Elected representatives visit to attend celebration of Rs.200 crores (by public money) of corrupt/convicted (proof-wedding function attended by PM).
6. Children without food & education, old without shelter/hospital. The largest unemployment, despite country being treasure-house of knowledge, skill & wisdom.
7. Rare people against corruption considered mad in society. All whistle-blowers have been brutally assassinated in the history of country. One more whistle-blower attempted to expose corruption and approached journalists,media, international/national NGOs, however, their urge to do propaganda & working with the government, instead of fighting corruption was exposed. The Whistle Blowers Protection Act, 2011, was passed by the Lok Sabha on 27 December 2011, passed by Rajya Sabha on 21 February 2014 and received the President's assent on 9 May 2014. The Act has not come into force till now.
8. Two-three years back few came forward against corruption and movement supported first time by all countrymen especially educated middle class. However, conversion of movement into revolution vanished due to betrayal by most of leaders with political ambitions. Few of them became CM/CM candidate, few became MLAs/MPs, few became ministers/union minister of state, few became office bearers of political parties. These people have fire against corruption and need to be convinced to change the path.
9. Corruption,not taken seriously. Demolition of mosque,not taken seriously. Killing of innocent Muslims in Gujrat, not taken seriously. Attack on minorities & their religious places, not taken seriously. Collective consciousness of society & humanity have vanished.
10. The common man has no benefit from exercising his franchise, and have been befooled/crushed by elite. There have been repeated thoughts and promises for 60 years, however, repeated elections have not benefited the common men and will not benefit the common men. The looting of the natural resources by the elites/politicians,donation to the elites/politicians through Banks loans etc.have continued. The road/infrastructure/drainage/cleaning have been poorest in the world. So, time to wait is over, this is time to change the democratic system.
11. So, democracy, justice, secularism, economy have failed. The guidance/views/support of intellectuals for alternate political system/democracy are invited. This is the initiative for the purpose of changing the failed political/democratic system in the country with the ideas/involvement of intellectuals (who love country) and for creating the third alternative. Your guidance/support is required.
Think Up Countrymen,
Wake Up Countrymen
With revolutionary greetings,
Dheeraj Kumar
"Why should I vote, To be befooled,
to empower corrupt/mafia.
60 years wait is enough.
My one vote will empower one more to loot share of my countrymen.
My one vote will empower one more to divide my countrymen in name of caste & religions.
My one vote will add harassment of few more by police & courts.
My one vote will add discrimination of few more untouchables.
My one vote will add few more children without food & education.
My one vote will add few more old without shelter & hospital".
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Ayub Mohammed
revolutionary greetings to u mr. dheeraj kumar, your comments covered whole parts of the system of democracy. democracy is a system of administration only and this system is filled in by the capitalist people and it has been turned as a big business of the corporate people to invest and get benefit from their investment. who asked you to work for the people because the people votes to those who gives money to them to vote in elections. this democracy is not real democracy of the poor, middle class, rich, corporate and imperialist people. but it is the democracy where the capitalist and rich people needs it to get the power through which they used to gain more and more benefits from their investments. In 1983, Assam elections were proved the fact that the the whole people bye cotted the elections. but only police personnel voted to the candidates in their respective candidates in minimum level of votes such as 200-300-500-1000-1500-5000, and candidates were declared elected as MLAs and they formed the government. So there is no need the voters to vote them to form the government. but they formed the government without voting of the majority people in India We have such examples to expose the hollowness of the democracy. it is only capitalist democracy only. System of governance is faulty, but the whole system of capitalism is faulty. SO we need to alter the capitalist system from its roots and to put the system as people oriented system where everybody would be respected and accommodated in the democratic administration.


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