Tuesday, May 19, 2015

*****Narendra Modi's MOST UNSCIENTIFIC Statement!*****

*****Narendra Modi's MOST UNSCIENTIFIC Statement!***** 

Ashok T Jaisinghani <ashokjaipune@gmail.com>

   Can you believe this: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had stated in his speech in China two days back that the ANCIENT Indian SCHOLARS knew about the problems of Global Warming and Climate Change, even though there was NO Carbon Dioxide in the world at that time!! 

   How could any HUMANS, animals or PLANTS have been ALIVE WITHOUT Carbon Dioxide? Carbon Dioxide is absolutely ESSENTIAL for LIFE on Earth. There could have been NO LIFE on Earth WITHOUT the PRESENCE of Carbon Dioxide in the ENVIRONMENT. 

   For SURVIVAL, we require the PRESENCE of both Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide in our bodies in CORRECT proportions.

*****Even the Indian SCHOLARS could NOT have EXISTED without the PRESENCE of Carbon Dioxide in ANCIENT TIMES. Then, who could have written the ANCIENT books of India, which are called the VEDAS? Can Narendra Modi give us the facts?***** 

   The Indian SCIENTISTS must be EXTREMELY EMBARRASSED by the absolutely WRONG statement made about Carbon Dioxide by Narendra Modi in China before an INTERNATIONAL audience. 

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