Friday, May 15, 2015

Meeting on 70th Anniversary of the Victory of Soviet Red Army over Fascism

Patna, May 15:
Under the auspices of SUCI (Communist) Patna District Committee a meeting was organized on Monday at IMA Hall on the occasion of 70th anniversary of the victory of Soviet Red Army over fascist forces. Addressing the meeting Com. Arun Kumar Singh, Senior Member, SUCI (Communist) Bihar State Committee said when Adolf Hitler started the preparation of war by the help of German monopoly capital, the western imperialist countries – the USA, Great Britain and France- wanted to let Hitler attack on Soviet Union and destroy the first Socialist Country and working class state in the world by increasing his war strength. “On the question of opening 2nd front on western border the US-British rulers showed the attitude of avoidance since beginning.  When fascist forces were unleashing reign of killing and destructing in large scale in USSR, Stalin requested times and again the rulers of US, France and Britain to attack Germany through France side. If they were executed the same, Hitler were compelled to transfer his army at western front dispatching it from eastern front and there would have decrease in the intensity of the attacks against USSR. But western imperialist rulers ignored it and therefore Soviet Union had to fight alone against Germany,” he added.

Arun Kumar Singh Speaking

 Dealing with the emergence of fascism in Germany Com. Swapan Chatterjee, Senior Member, SUCI (Communist) Uttar Pradesh State Organizing Committee said that World War II was imperialist war. “Emerging imperialist country Germany needed outside market. It needed colonies for exploitation. But the world market had already been divided among US-British-French and other European imperialists. Without waging war no changes had to be brought in it. Therefore Germany declared war to fulfill its aspirations,” he added. He said further that blindness, unscientific mentality and a mentality devoid of logic were being propagated in fascism which destroyed even all the human relations.

Addressing the meeting Prof. Santosh Kumar, retired professor of NIT, Patna said that 80 per cent people of the world had been convinced that the defeat of fascist forces caused by US, British and France. But in reality it was the socialist Soviet Union who defeated the fascist forces. Stressing on the need to unite all the anti fascist forces, he said any stone thrown against fascism should be welcome. 

Prof. Santosh Kumar addressing
 Emphasizing on the need to inculcate the character of Great Stalin who freed the human civilization from the clutches of Fascism, Vikas Rahi, renowned mathematician said to unite all the left parties against fascist forces raising their ugly heads in our country too. Petty ideological difference should not be the hurdle in it.

A portion of the view of gathering
 Presiding over the meeting Com. Shiv Shankar, Secretary, SUCI (Communist) Bihar State Committee said that darkness prevailed not only in Russia and the countries of East Europe, but the whole world had been transferred into region of plunder. Today imperialist had imposed the war on the whole world. Hundreds of innocents were killing in war in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Africa- everywhere. “ Like the problems of bread, clothing and residence, the road to human emancipation from war also lies in socialism,” he added. The meeting was conducted by Com. Sadhana Mishra, Secretary, SUCI (Communist) Patna District Committee. It was ended with international.  

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