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Why do we fail to create any resistance against the neo nazi regime? As Keen to quickly usher in drastic change, govt may resort to ordinances! Palash Biswas

Why do  we fail to create any resistance against the neo nazi regime?
As Keen to quickly usher in drastic change, govt may resort to ordinances!
Palash Biswas
Current status of the so called minimum governance is all about the agenda of ethnic cleansing and thus,keen to quickly usher in drastic change,government may resort to ordinances as Assocham has already prescribed to amend no less than one hundred and five acts. On the other hand, though the bank employees have been on nationwide strike today,they,the most awakened section of the employees seem not to bother about the impending consequences of these imminent reforms as they are still  defaulted in the mode of economism which is focused on better wages and it might not resist the mass destruction targeted in the government PSU sector including banking itself.

Thus,we have a zero balance to start with as those who seem to be most concerned at this point of time,are the most ignorant section of workers as far as the resistance of the reforms is concerned.

Moreover,the neo nazi Hindutva agenda is not limited within economic reforms dictated by the satanic global order but it is determined to accomplish the agenda of Manusmriti rule killing the constitution.

As Dr Anand Teltumbde says that the chairman of the draft committee had been DR.Ambedkar,but the ruling hegemony which grabbed power ensured their majority in the constitution assembly which was in no way properly or proportionally represented by the majority population,specifically the excluded depressed classes.The hegemony did everything to block the entrance of Baba Saheb in the assembly which had to pass the constitution.But Jogendra Nath Mandal and Mukund Bihari Mallick with east Bengal dalit muslim support could elect Babsaheb and finally,Babasaheb left no stone unturned to ensure constitutional safeguards for SC,ST,OBC,minorities and most importantly,the women and the workers.

But the hegemony did everything to overrule Babsaheb and post Ambedkarite leaders failed DR BR Ambedkar supporting the Hegemony. Thus,DR.BR Ambedkar as much segregated as his deprived classes for whom he prescribed the agenda of caste annihilation.

Baba Saheb could not stop the hegemony to have their way as he stood alone as his constituency was gifted away to Pakistan and he had to be chosen by the initiative of MR MK Gandhi who earlier obliged Baba Saheb to sign the Pune pact, the root of identity based politics which provided sanctity to the caste system which is the only cause of the plight of the agrarian society.

It is nothing about faith of religion and it is all about economic hegemony which is all about Manusmriti rule.

Hindutva agenda is all about Manusmriti rule and it is impossible to be accomplished until the constitution of India is killed and a Hindutva constitution should ensure to install a neo nazi regime to kill the nonfit masses comprising the deprived,agrarian ,excluded and working communities.It is the same power point where all dimension of global Hindutva and Zionist neo nazi global order merge together to ceate a fatal alchemy for the masses deprived of purchasing power  and highly dependent on trickling growth which is never meant for them.

Incidentally,the little awakened section of Indian society is only concerned to elevate their own status and rather want the mass destruction.

It is the ultimate truth that we may not create a resistance against the neo nazi tsunami!

They are doing everything possible.The information is blacked out and hate campaign is the central theme about the news we get which never do disclose the facts about governance reduced to reforms resultant in ethnic cleansing.The education system is already taken over by the knowledge economy making it subjective to purchasing power and it is all about the manusmriti once again which deprived the masses of education for thousands of years.

An intense campaign nationwide to demand free,quality education with national faculty is most wanted but ironically, the so called progressive forces leading a love campaign supported by Taslima Nasrin who happens to be best tool for Sangh Pariwar neo nazi agenda and it is well known that in accordance with manusmriti,the women should remain enslaved as reduced to sex toys and predestined to live like shudra irrelevant to  caste and religion and race.

They are making history of Vedic literature, all kinds of legends,myths,superstitions and we may not resist.We may not resist that the shafron hegemony is determined to overhaul the education system on the name of shiksha bachao andolan.

The Hell is losing and divided we stand!

The Hell is losing and we are imprisoned into an infinite gas chamber.
The topmost priority should be to create a democratic space first on which we should stand rock solid.

Hence,we have called to celebrate the Constitution day on 26 th November to launch the most needed awakening campaign hitherto quite absent.

Now,it is Economic Times,which reports:
Keen to quickly usher in drastic change, govt may resort to ordinances
Having just completed a comprehensive round of ministerial and bureaucratic changes, the Narendra Modi government is set to embark on a series of economic reforms aimed at putting the country on track for 8% growth in the intermediate term and an even faster pace beyond that. This will include ironing out the kinks in land acquisition, implementing the long-await ed goods & services tax, rapidly modernising the railway system to its full potential and fixing the flawed agricultural produce marketing system.

And where it sees the need for drastic, immediate change, the government won't be averse to going the ordinance route, particularly with respect to the land acquisition law, seen as one of the biggest stumbling blocks to infrastructure development.
The administration is well placed to kick off its programme in the winter session of Parliament.

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