Tuesday, November 4, 2014

May we see War Criminals in India be hanged ever? No,Never. Palash Biswas

May we see  War Criminals in India be hanged ever? No,Never.
Palash Biswas
May we see  War Criminals in India be hanged ever?

The answer remains,No,Never!

Bangladesh's Supreme Court has upheld the death penalty handed down for a Jamaat-e-Islami leader for atrocities committed more than four decades ago, the latest in a spate of rulings against the Islamist party's officials.Mohammad Kamaruzzaman, 62, assistant secretary-general of the party, was found guilty on Monday of genocide and torture of unarmed civilians during the 1971 war to breakaway from Pakistan, by a special war crimes tribunal in May last year.

Earlier,On Sunday, media tycoon Mir Quasem Ali, who is also a key figure in Bangladesh's largest Islamist party, was sentenced to death for war crimes.

May we ever hope that the media tycoons in India responsible to invoke violent tsunami nonstop  since Independence ever be tried for their war crimes like continuous hate campaign,continuous corporate lobbying for ethnic cleansing,exclusion,killing constitution,democracy ,human and civic rights ever be tried?

Those who are glorified as pioneers of Indian media since Sikh Genocide,Bhopal Gas tragedy,Anti reservation fire, Babari mosque demolition,riots countrywide nonstop,minority persecution,salwa judum,AFSPA,Gujarat Genocide, non stop ethnic cleansing and blatant apartheid practiced had reduced India media as lethal weapon of disinformation, hate campaign,persecution, segregation,exclusion,false encounters,corporate lobbying resultant in intensive depopulation and mass destruction all on the name of development ,investment,growth rate,religious nationalism,blind faith and superstitions,violent warmonger nationalism and unprecedented violence.

All of them happen to be war criminals against humanity who have indulged Indian media in a tool to justify the blatant violation of human rights and civic rights, killing the nature,the environment,the weather cycle, biocycle, topography, humanscape across the political borders.
None of them may be tried,none of those war criminals trading hate and violence would ever be tried.None of those responsible of all kinds of scams,responsible to kill citizenship itself finishing the basic concept of justice,equality and truth has to be tried.

None of the war criminals responsible Bhopal Gas Tragedy, Operation blue star and following sikh genocide,communal riots,Babri mosque demolition,mobilising private armies to practice genocide culture against deprived agrarian nature associated communities,invoking non stop atrocities against untouchables,minorities,untouchable geographies like Kashmir,the entire Himalayan Zone, entire north east and entire Tribal humanscape would be hanged in this colonial feudal set up of so called rule of law.

This comes only days after the party's top leader, Motiur Rahman Nizami, was sentenced to death for heading an armed group in 1971.
Ali, also a shipping and real estate tycoon, became the eighth Islamist sentenced to death by the controversial war crimes court, set up by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's government in 2010.
The decision, announced on Wednesday, sparked protests by supporters as the Jamaat party called a nationwide strike.Similar judgements against other Jamaat officials last year plunged the country into one of its worst crises. Tens of thousands of Jaamat activists clashed with police in various protests that left some 500 people dead.

Why? We boast to be greatest democracy.We are credited as secular,progressive and ended to become an emerging market which knows the language of market and believes in the aesthetics of purchasing power.

Bangladesh is politically very much in turmoil since independence and has been known for minority persecution.We may not forget Indian role in the liberation war of Bangladesh and the price we paid since.We might not forget the genocide there,minority persecution and continuous refugee influx resultant.

A coup like environment always envelops Bangladesh where the prime minister Begum Hasina Wajed might face the same fate as her father and many of her nearest and dearest ones have met.

But Hasina showed the steelmade political will to hang all the war criminals who manage genocide time to time and are mostly responsible for minority persecution there,the greatest headache for Indian nation,its security and so on.

How could Hasina managed to fight a war against orthodox religious nationalists?

Just because the democratic and secular movement is much more organised and the media as well as intelligentsia dare to sacrifice themselves to defend democracy amidst continuous bloodshed.

Just because scores of journalists and intellectuals have sacrificed themselves in defence on mother language,indigenous culture,equality,social justice,democracy and secularism in most odd situation sustained by foreign hands.
Just because the students and youth,women,professional and social and productive forces,common masses have been mobilised in support of democracy and secularism.

Bangladesh has a central Dalit Mahasangh which is aligned with a central Adivasi Mahasangh,OBC communities have joined the united front with all progressive,secular and democratic forces and finally Shahbagh movement created the support base on which stands the government and judiciary there and could hang anyone responsible  for war crimes.

Just because they resisted the religious foreign nationalism and opted for nationalist identity based on culture,buddhist heritage of Bengal abdicated by Bengal on our map and essentially their mother tongue.

We dare not as we are struck by our multiple identities which aborts the progressive,social,secular democratic rock solidarity in defence of humanity and nature.

We have reduced ourselves as consumers in the open market inflicted by free flow of foreign capital and command and reduced our country as a colony of foreign interests ,for which all the bells toll.

We may not as we have lacs of ATM organisations indulged in identity based power politics and profit making.

We may not because we have no feeling for the hell losing against the majority and we happen to be tagged with those war criminals whom we have and new gods and demigods.
All our heavens have been translated into hell losing all round and we subjected ourselves to continuous holocaust and ethnic cleansing,and racial apartheid of Manusmriti rule under the neo nazi global Order.

We may wait death,we may commit suicide and we may subordinate ourselves to the guillotines,but in no way we dare to stand for our constitution,democracy,progress and secularism.

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