Monday, July 13, 2015

Only An Insane Police Can Use A Teen Rape Survivor As 'Bait'

CC News Letter 13 July - Only An Insane Police Can Use A Teen Rape Survivor As 'Bait'
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In Solidarity
Binu Mathew

 Blackmailing Bankers Now Stage A Coup In Greece
By Farooque Chowdhury

Strangulated Greece now experiences a coup by blackmailing bankers. It's a show of bankers' democracy, a worst form of democracy in the Age of Crises. It's an invasion by bankers

The Perpetrators Become The Victims Of Drone Warfare
By Pratap Chatterjee

The myth of the lone drone warrior is now well established and threatens to become as enduring. So much for the myth. In reality, there's nothing "lone" about drone warfare. Think of the structure for carrying out Washington's drone killing program as a multidimensional pyramid populated with hundreds of personnel and so complex that just about no one involved really grasps the full picture. Cian Westmoreland, a U.S. Air Force veteran who helped set up the drone data communications system over southeastern Afghanistan back in 2009, puts the matter bluntly: "There are so many people in the chain of actions that it has become increasingly difficult to understand the true impact of what we do. The diffusion of responsibility distances people from the moral weight of their decisions."

Gaza Writes Back
Book Review By Gary Corseri

A Review of GAZA WRITES BACK: Short Stories from Young Writers in Gaza

Only An Insane Police Can Use A Teen Rape Survivor As 'Bait'
By Samar

The police in Maharashtra state of India sent a 17-year-old rape survivor back to her assaulters as "bait", not once but twice. The insensitivity of placing a minor in this situation is manifest. The girl must still have been struggling with the trauma. But, the police also went ahead and botched up the ploy by following the girl too closely the first time around and then being nowhere close the second time. The policemen thus ended up getting the minor raped again

Bravo Students, Only You Can Bring Truly Acche Din For India: Dr Anand Teltumbde

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