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Modiyapa diplomacy failed to handle most sensitive issues abroad as diplomacy is not all about open trade! Hurriyat to oppose ‘Israel-type settlements’ in Kashmir Palash Biswas

Pakistan will continue to extend its support to the people of Kashmir!
Modiyapa diplomacy failed to handle most sensitive issues abroad as diplomacy is not all about open trade!
Hurriyat to oppose 'Israel-type settlements' in Kashmir
Palash Biswas
Earlier I wrote,Modiyapa complicates Kashmir problem.At once all of my email IDs were blocked.Todya I wanted to share updates of Kashmir floods and rescue and relief operation,once agian my email has been deactivated.I may not understan what purpose is solved to resolve kashmir problem.I am afraid,this write up also may not reach you.
We are tracking the NRI PM abroad and find him carrying the agenda of Hinduta all the time with his portable audience.Every tour is highlighted with live stream of agrements to boost making in only.But diplomatically,India gained nothing.Meanwhile relations with Nepal and bangladesh deteriorated while China behaved otherwise.

Modi meeting the Pak counterpart created much enthusiasm and it was hyped that Pakistan agreed to share information about terro strike in Inda.The result, the Pakistan high commission in India has invited Hurriyat leaders and other separatists from Kashmir to its Eid Milan party to be held on July 21

Not enough,a row has erupted over government's plan to create "composite townships" for displaced Kashmiri pandits in Kashmir valley.

Government's move has been met with strong opposition from several parties and separatists in the state.

While National Conference said the move will be dangerous for integrity of state and country, separatist leader Yasin Malik said a separate colony on the basis of religion will only build walls of hate, like in Israel.

Mind you,J&K chief minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed during his meeting with Union home minister Rajnath Singh on Monday had assured that the state government will acquire and provide land at the earliest for composite townships for displaced Kashmiri pandit migrants in the valley.

And here you are!

"There is nothing unusual about our invite to Hurriyat leaders," Pakistan high commissioner Abdul Basit told media.

He said Pakistan will continue to extend its support to the people of Kashmir.

"Pakistan will continue extending its moral, political and diplomatic support to the people of Kashmir in their legitimate struggle for self-determination as provided for in the United Nations Charter and universal declaration of human rights," Basit said.

Separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani, however, said the decision whether to attend the party or not, is yet to be made by the party.

Meanwhile,in SRINAGAR, Separatist outfit Hurriyat Conference, led by Syed Ali Shah Geelani, on Thursday claimed that Jammu & Kashmir government had earmarked land for rehabilitating migrant Kashmiri pandits in the valley and said it would oppose any such attempt to create "Israel-type settlements". 

Worser contrari to RSS governance topmost agenda,media reports,Opposition National Conference on Saturday said they will not let the Jammu & Kashmir government to set up separate colonies for Kashmiri pandits  but would strive for return of the minority community to their native places in the valley. The statements came even as J&K's deputy CM Nirmal Singh said that the state will go ahead with the plan. 

On the other hand,on the issue of presence of Pakistani flags at a rally led by hardline Hurriyat chairman Syed Ali Shah Geelani at Tral in south Kashmir on Friday, Sagar said that "there is no big deal in it". "There are people who like Pakistan, there are people who want freedom and they do such things. There is no big deal in it," he said. 

Hurriyat Conference, however, justified its actions, its spokesman Ayaz Akbar saying that "the sentiment for Pakistan in Kashmir is alive. Youth generally express their love for the country by waiving Pakistani flags." 

"We are against separate clusters for Kashmiri pandits. We welcome them (to Kashmir), but we will not let the government create separate colonies for them," NC general secretary Ali Mohammad Sagar told reporters during a protest rally against the new recruitment policy of the state. 

Hurriyat has always welcomed the return of Kashmiri Hindus and not a single Kashmiri Muslim was against their rehabilitation, a Hurriyat spokesman said here. 

"But, the Indian policy makers want to implement Israel-type plan which has been tried in Palestine. We will not allow it to happen," he said. 

He said, "Our reliable sources in the revenue department informed that the chief minister has completed the basic formalities for providing land and that his recent tour of south Kashmir was part of that plan." 

"This is a plan to divide the people of Jammu & Kashmir on religious lines and to create Palestine-like situation in Kashmir on the pretext of rehabilitation of migrant pandits. The people of Kashmir, including the Hindus, will resist this ploy with full might and will not allow it to succeed," he said. 

The spokesman accused chief minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed of "cooperating" with the Centre in implementing the plan. 
The spokesman said Hurriyat always doubted the statement by the central government in Parliament earlier this month that there were no plans to create separate townships. 

"Sayeed also tried his best to keep the people in dark on the issue and has changed his statements many times till now. This is a very dangerous ploy and the Hurriyat will not sit silent on the issue and will mobilise public opinion to foil the plan," he said.

On the other hand,

"We are yet to make a decision of attending the party. Since we are under detention, we have not decided anything yet," Hurriyat spokesperson Ayaz Akbar said over the phone from Srinagar.

Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front leader Mohammad Yasin Malik and Hurriyat leader Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said they had not received the invite for the Eid Milan and would only take a decision after receiving it.

Leaders of Hurriyat Conference were also invited by the high commission earlier for the Iftar party, which was cancelled later because of the heatwave in Karachi that caused several hundred deaths in Pakistan.

Despite the opposition to the "involvement of a third party" in resolving the Kashmir issue by the Narendra Modi-led NDA government, talks were held between the Hurriyat leaders and other separatists from Kashmir with Abdul Basit. They were invited to the Pakistan high commission on Pakistan's National Day in March.

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