Sunday, August 13, 2023

Justice Madhuresh Prasad transferred for ‘better administration of justice'

The Supreme Court Collegium has reiterated it's August 3 order regarding the transfer of Patna High Court judge, Justice Madhuresh Prasad to  the Calcutta High Court. He has been transferred for ‘better administration of justice". He had joined Patna High Court on May 22, 2017 from the bar. On 7th October 2021, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Committee was constituted in High Court. Justice Prasad was one of the 4-members of the High Court's AI Committee. Besides the Chief Justice, Justices Ashutosh Kumar and Mohit Kumar Shah are the members of the AI Committee. 

Justice Prasad had sought reconsideration of the Collegium's recommendation citing upcoming board examination of his son in early 2024. 

The Collegium did not find any merit in his request.

The Collegium"s recommendation factored in  Justice Prasad"s initial consent to the transfer. It's resolution reads:"By a letter dated August 8, 2023 Mr. Justice Madhuresh Prasad has conveyed his consent to the proposal for his transfer to the High Court at Calcutta. He has, however, requested that while taking a final decision in the matter the Collegium may take into consideration the fact that final Board Examination of his younger son is due in February 2024. We have considered the request made by Mr Justice Madhuresh Prasad. The Collegium does not find any merit in the request made by him. The Collegium, therefore, resolves to reiterate its recommendation dated 3 August 2023 to transfer him to the High Court at Calcutta".

Justice Prasad was part of the Division Bench that dismissed the three petitions seeking a stay on the caste survey in Bihar on August 2, 2023. The bench of Chief Justice K Vinod Chandran and Justice Prasad held the state government’s initiative to be “perfectly valid and legally competent”, clearing the hurdle in the way for the stalled exercise to resume after almost three months.

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