Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Anand Patwardhan FDI gates flung open say the headlines. In what? In Defense !

Anand Patwardhan

Today's news was another bombshell. They killed Gandhiji in 1948 but they won't stop killing the ideals of our freedom struggle on a daily basis. FDI gates flung open say the headlines. In what? In Defense ! We will now allow foreign companies to manufacture and export weapons from our soil. That includes even small arms and ammunition. Which will fuel world wars and also find their way to the streets and villages of India. In the hands of those who have the money to buy. The daily macabre shootings we hear of in America will not take long to be reproduced here.

Arms makers and dealers need war and violence to sustain them. War and violence needs polarization. That is the core job assigned to ISIS and Hindutva, both sustained by the same sinister plan.

The USA is the largest exporter of weapons in the world. India is now their blood brother. Can there be anything more shameful or foolish?

What else? Pharma ! So out go the ideals that allowed us to make generic AIDs medicines at a fraction of the costs, thus saving millions of lives in Asia and Africa. Now we are partners in the Medicine for Profit business.

While they make us sing Jana Gana Mana at attention and shout Bharat Mata Ki Jai, they are selling every vestige of sovereignty that Gandhi, Nehru, Bhagat Singh, Ambedkar, Badshah Khan and Allah Baksh fought for, to name just a very few. Will a new generation rise up to take their place and take back this country from the moron fascists who have captured it ?

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