Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Different Menifesto!Let me bail out and Make me a member of the Parliament!My agenda would be 1984 so that it would be noise free tolerance!See the inspiration! Palash Biswas

I am a full Fatichar and have no survival Kit once I retire from my job!I have no home or shelter to live in.I would not be employed anywhere.I have nothing to invest.No Savings.

If some one helps me to enter in Great Indian Parliament,the God would bless him or her because the status update would ensure foreign capital inflow and I might become a billionaire or Millionaire as everyone in the the political class has become!

If it happens like a bolt from the blue,you might gain more as my free speech and my conscience would be bonded in the best interest of those who would help me to become a public servant and in obligation,I would look and defend their business and ensure business friendly governance and India would become free of intolerance as I would ensure that there would not be any resistance.

There should not be any dissent whatsoever to enhance growth rate and digital India.I would help to divest everything which is public and would cooperate to put on everything on OXL, FLIPCART OR SNAPDEAL.

Everone would have share in power as well as the divident from black money.It wold be inclusion all the way.

The Have Nots would be displaced so that equality and justice would be the theme song!Jal Jangal Jameen,salary,PF,Savings would be interested in national interest and medical care and education would be killed so that no one might complain about anything.Higher studies and research would not be allowed and it would solve the population problem.

I would kill the welfare state and would behave to make India a very big marketing multinational company which would execute every directives from global orders and its financial institutions,not to mention the so much volatile and  sensuous rating agencies.
I am retiring in May,16 and it would be poetry after 16 th May all the way.

I would take care to launch relaunch all the products desi videsi for public consumption and would be omnipresent in religious rituals to make India secular and progressive. 

I would help every club and promote every event to enhance and strengthen every identity and would sustain the most sacred Manusmriti Rule as well as the Global Order and would never count the Aam AAdmi or AAm Aurat or Any rubbish worker ,the Mehanatkash!

Let me have an opportunity first to solve my survival problem once I survive and hold the position I would be more business friendly than anyone else and see the mandatory legislation goes through smoothly as much as any RAW BAMBOO would go to its natural destination and would scripted dialogues only as every Icon political or nonpolitical Icons speak.

I am very tempted to become IMMORAL and Religious,Social servant as well as materialist to celebrate the life.I have not seen a foreign land and I want to have bathrooms in every part of this globe wherein I might land when I would feel it too hot in India and the pangs of climate change and suffocation due to pollution.

See the inspiration!

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