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CC News Letter 21 Sep- Sorry Bantu- This Happens Only In India!

CC News Letter 21 Sep- Sorry Bantu- This Happens Only In India!
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In Solidarity
Binu Mathew

100% Renewables By 2050 Is Possible
By Jon Queally

100% renewable energy for all is achievable by 2050, and is the only way to ensure the world does not descend into catastrophic climate change. Dynamic change is taking place in the energy sector. Renewable energies have become mainstream in most countries, and prices have fallen dramatically. The report shows we could transform our energy supply, switching to renewables, which would mean a stabilization of global CO2 emissions by 2020, and bringing down emissions towards near zero emissions in 2050

Syriza Voted Back Into Office Amid Mass Abstention In Greek Election
By Bill Van Auken

With over 93 percent of the vote counted early Monday, Greece's Syriza had returned to power in Sunday's snap election called last month by the party's leader, former Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras

Predators, Near And Far
By Kathy Kelly

Young people gathering at the Afghan Peace Volunteer's Borderfree Center long to embrace innumerable people afflicted by war who share Jamila's seemingly insoluble problems. Thoughtfully, carefully, they've designed a campaign that they call #Enough! – a simple yet compelling call to abolish wars and instead work to meet human needs. We asked Jamila if she thought her problems were connected to war. "Yes,| she said. "War leads to poverty and because of that poverty I have had so many problems. I hope the war will end so that I can find enough food."

How To Censor Yourself Before The Government Even Has The Chance
By Rebecca Gordon

I've quietly chosen not to carry a particular book, or wear a particular T-shirt or button, when travelling by air. No reason to give the Transportation Security Administration any more excuses to pay me special attention. It's easier, safer, just to conform. So did my partner and I win our suit? When so many of us become frightened enough of our own government to do its censoring for it, I'd say that we've all lost

Initiatives For Transforming The Global Economy
By Chandra Muzaffar

A number of important initiatives linked largely to the economy made public in the last few years may have a huge impact upon the future of humankind. ASEAN and China have played a pioneering role in some of them

Trade Union Women
By Jane LaTour

Walking with eyes wide open into the ranks of labor is a necessity. An informed approach is critical. Learning about the history, the limitations and the possibilities of a revitalized labor—or labour—movement becomes part of the tool kit for workers crafting novel approaches to challenge their working conditions. Knowledge is a form of power

Sorry Bantu- This Happens Only In India!
By Shah Alam Khan

The twelve year old had defeated cancer but failed to defeat a disease, which shouldn't have risen to such epidemic proportions in the first place; definitely not in the times of Swach Bharat! Bantu became a statistics in Delhi's Dengue epidemic. His breath, his heartbeat and his courage were sacrificed at the altar of a nation that has recently started romanticizing with the idea of cleanliness! A disease, which has direct bearing to unhygienic, unclean surroundings, was to become the undoing of Bantu and those who loved him and that too at a time when we have a government, which talks of Swach Bharat and in the same breath slashes the expenditure on health by a cruel 20 percent in it's first budget

Children Are Developing Smokers' Lungs Thanks To Motor Cars
By Vidyadhar Date

Children are developing smokers' lungs because of intense pollution caused by motor vehicles, says Gurgaon's joint traffic police commissioner Bharti Arora. She deserves support for her sensitivity and for organizing a car-free Gurgaon on Tuesay to coincide with the World Car Free day to be observed on September 22. Sadly, there has been no intiative from other metropolitan centres in the country though vehicular pollution and congestion are becoming horrendous

Empowering Power or Capturing Control-The Ways of Naxalism
By Suparna Banerjee

It is regrettable that there is a serious dearth of academic engagements in this field of subaltern studies. The history of the indigenous groups are being re-written either by the Naxals or the government thereby once again creating a dangerous chasm between viewpoints that becomes difficult to bridge. In the name of empowerment the marginalised are stupefied to enter from one structure to the other
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