Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Amid Refugee Crisis In Europe, NATO Powers Prepare War Escalation In Syria

CC News Letter 08 Sep - Amid Refugee Crisis In Europe, NATO Powers Prepare War Escalation In Syria

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Amid Refugee Crisis In Europe, NATO Powers Prepare War Escalation In Syria
By Alex Lantier


Even as hundreds of thousands of refugees stream into Europe from the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans, the NATO powers are preparing to escalate the war in Syria, which has already driven millions to flee their homes. On Monday, Paris and London both announced plans to step up the bombing of Syria, with French President François Hollande calling for the ouster of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

Refugees or Humanity Marching Under Razor Wires
By Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja


International institutions of peace and security are fraught with indifference and incapacity to deal with the emerging humanitarian crises. What led to the making of Two World Wars is happening again to repeat the history. Humanity is victimized and its freedom is barbed wired to seek help. With marked difference, refugees are often identified as "economic migrant" as if Europeans were the glittering gold mines of the 21st century economic prosperity. The EU has policies and practices but not for the Arab-Muslim refugees to come to Europe

Kandhamal Communal Violence Victims Demand
Legal Intervention By Supreme Court
By Countercurrents.org


A delegation of the Kandhamal Committee for Peace and Justice comprising of the victim-survivors of the 2008 anti-Christian carnage, met the Presientof India on September 7. The members were accompanied by Brinda Karat, Mani Shankar Aiyar and Kavitha Krishnan. They demanded that a sitting Supreme Court judge should head a panel to look at the failure of the criminal justice system in Kandhamal and make the required legal intervention so as to ensure justice to the victims of violence

Mantra for 9/11 : Fourteen Years Later, Improbable World
By Tom Engelhardt


Fourteen years later and do you even believe it? Did we actually live it? Are we still living it? And how improbable is that?

Netanyahu Aims His WMD At Obama
By Jonathan Cook


Netanyahu's current bluster starts to look like it is aimed less at the nuclear deal than at President Obama himself. Is Netanyahu hoping to turn the Iran issue into a doomsday electoral weapon against the Democrats, helping to clear the path into the White House next year for a Republican. That way, Netanyahu may believe he can still emerge the victor, with a hawkish new president prepared to push Iran back into the US line of fire

The Imprudent Serpent: A Short Fable On
The Amnesic Hypocrisy of The Republican Party
By Mateo Pimentel


Only one coyote howled about it. He reminded some of the animals surrounding the unfortunate scene that there was once an appealing leader much like Donald, but who called himself Ronald. Coyote recounted how Ronald was a bit of a contentious figure, just as many old forest elephants are wont to be. How interesting, mused coyote, that one bald little snake could vex so many toxic critters and command them with the silly prospect of walling-off an arroyo while, on the other hand, a lumbering and clumsy elephant had garnered so much acclaim for wanting to tear a wall in the forest down

Ecuador: Behind The 'Indigenous Uprising' Against Correa —
Divided Left Weakens Struggle For Change
By Federico Fuentes


Ecuador's President Rafael Correa is facing the most important challenge yet to his self-styled "Citizens' Revolution". A range of indigenous groups, trade unions and leftist parties mobilised across the country on August 13. Their long list of demands included calls for land reform, opposition to mining, support for bilingual education and the shelving of the government's proposed water and labour laws. In Quito, the "Indigenous Uprising" — as protest organisers dubbed it — lasted nine days, with organisers vowing to return this month

Remembering Dedon Kamathi
By Thomas C. Mountain


Dedon Kamathi, a former Black Panther and Central Committee member of the All African Peoples Revolutionary Party (AAPRP) passed away at the end of August after suffering a stroke

And Quiet Flows The Jhelum!
By Mohammad Ashraf


We spent five days and nights marooned in the top floor of the house. It was feeling as if we were staying in a house boat! Luckily we had water in the overhead tank and some rations. But the scariest thing was the continuous boom of the collapsing house. Finally, we were rescued by Army Engineers from the second floor of our house and taken "ashore" in a motorised assault craft. I lost everything I had collected for 50 odd years

Why Kashmir Needs A Literature Of Its Own?
By Ghulam Mohammad Khan


Kashmir, given its vulnerable political environment, a convoluted political history, and tough living conditions, desperately needs a strong independent architecture of literary accomplishments, which would survive as the perfect apotheosis of the collective Kashmiri memory of anguish and affliction, of distress and deceit, of death and disappearance, of pain and protest, of beauty and the beast
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