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ON 69th Anniversary of Independence Day: Unite to Save India from Hindutva Shamsul Islam

ON 69th Anniversary of Independence Day: Unite to Save India from Hindutva

Shamsul Islam
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The 69th anniversary Of India's Independence comes when democratic-secular polity of India is faced with a very critical crisis. Now RSS cadres via BJP are ruling the country with organizations with the same heritage. The present ruling class is the product of the pre-Independence Hindutva politics which decried freedom movement (in fact, VD Savarkar as a prominent ideologue of the Hindutva camp and as a president of the Hindu Mahasabha ran coalition governments with the Muslim League during Quit India Movement of 1942 when Congress was banned, thousands were killed in police firings and whole India turned into a jail), like Muslim League believed in the two-nation theory, did not believe in all-inclusive nationalism and declared absolute faith in Casteism. This ruling elite is different from all other parliamentary parties which at least normatively believed in democracy and secularism. It is committed for building a Hindu theocratic state, abrogate the democratic-secular Constitution of India and restore the Brahmanical golden Past.

What the true nature of these rulers is can be known by the way their past ideologues denigrated the Tricolour, the National Flag. Their shocking attitude is being reproduced here in which Tricolour is declared to be inauspicious, injurious and evil for the country. We must take note of the serious challenge presented by the present regime which is waiting for an opportune movement to undo a democratic-secular India. We have to rise up to crush those elements that were disloyal to the anti-colonial freedom struggle and want to play mischief with the heritage of our glorious freedom struggle.

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