Monday, May 25, 2015

PM draws flak for comments on trafficking victims

PM draws flak for comments on trafficking victims

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's criticism on illegally migrating workers as "mentally sick" people who she said were tarnishing the image of the country drew widespread flak both at home and abroad.

The BSS ran news on Hasina's take on the emerging crisis over Bangladeshi trafficked people and Rohingya was picked up by all major international news agencies like AFP, Al Jazeera and Sydney Morning Herald with a negative spin.

The Daily Star talked with some common people and tried to gather their reaction.

"She is the prime minister. This is inappropriate of her," said Mohammad Kabir, a small-time businessman of Uttara. "These are the poor people. They undertook the risky route because they had nothing else to do."

"It is wrong to take such a risky voyage but it is also not appropriate for our prime minister in this way," said Mohammad Rasel, a grocer of Dhanmondi. "What else will people do? These people go because they are forced."

Though most people refused to talk to The Daily Star over the issue, the social media were flooded with criticisms since the premier made the remarks yesterday while meeting with officials of the labour ministry.

The international media also pulled up on her comments with most renowned news agencies highlighting her "mentally sick" comments above anything else.

The Sydney Morning Herald went as far to headline the news that "Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina slams starving migrants as 'mentally sick'".

Al Jazeera had the headline "Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina slams starving migrants as 'mentally sick'", and similar lines were followed by Malaysian The Star, The Express Tribune and others.

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