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Shekhar Dhungel

यो स्तरको अमानविय सोच राख्न सक्ने डा .सी के रौत को हुन् ?जन्म ?पुर्खा ?किन अमेरिका बाट फर्के ?उनको व्यक्तिगत सनक मात्र हो या उनको पछाडी कुनै त्यस्तो गिरोह छ जो नेपालको अस्तित्व सिध्याउन चाहन्छ ?साधारण नागरिक लाइ थाहा भएको कुरो डा .राउत अमेरिकामा पढेका हुन् प्रतिष्ठित नोकरीमा थिए र उनलाई थाहा न भएको होइन कि अमेरिका त्यहि देश हो जसले आफु विरुद्धका इराक अफगानिस्तान का युद्ध पिडित नागरिक लाइ मानबिय सम्बेदंसिलता  देखाई निर्दोष लाइ  आफ्नो नागरिक सरह सुबिधा दिएर पुनर्बास गराएको मात्र होइन कोसोभो ,सोमालिय ,इथोपिया भुटान आदि देशका नागरिक लाइ समेत स्थायी बसोबासको ब्यबस्था गरेको छ त्यहि देश बाट फर्केको डा .राउत ले कसरि भन्न सक्छन? पहाडिया जो बिपदमा परेका छन् लाइ तराइमा बस्ति सारेमा गृह युद्ध हुन्छ बिस्वास गर्न गार्हो छ यसो हो भने बिहारी लाइ नागरिकता दिन कडाइ गर्ने पंचायत उत्तम ब्यबस्था थियो भन्नु पर्ने हुन्छ अन्यथा आफ्नो देशको एउटा भागको दाजु भाइ लाइ आपद विपद पर्दा अस्थायी बसोबास को लागि पहल गर्ने कुरो उठ्दैमा गृह युद्ध को धम्कि दिनु पागलपन वा कोइ कुनै अदृश्य शक्ति बाट संचालित हुनु पर्छ 
सचेत रहू नेपालि नागरिक यो मुलुक लाइ साच्चिक्कै दशाले घेरेको छ अपराधिक राजनीति र हाम्रो प्रवृतिले आज राजनैतिक पिडित मात्र होइन दैविक पिडा समेत भोग्नु परेको छ प्राथना गरौ डा सी के राउत ले यस्तो अमानविय लेख लेखेका होइनन नक्कली हो कसैले उनको नाममा लेखेको हो अन्यथा  गृह युद्ध होस् वा नहोस डा .सी के रौत ले नेपालि मुलको पानि भने पिउन पाउने भाग्य लाइ आजै बाट तिलान्जली दिए हुन्छ म मेरो देश टुक्रिन दिन्नँ चाहे म टुक्रा टुक्रा हुन् किन नपरोस 
शेखर ढुंगेल 

On Mon, May 18, 2015 at 10:05 AM, The Himalayan Voice <himalayanvoice@gmail.com> wrote:

May 18, 2015


Posted by The Himalayan Voice:
[Posted for healthful dialogue below, as it was email-received this morning, is an article by Nepal's Madhesh Separatist Activist Dr. C. K. Raut who, as anticipated has vehemently opposed Kathmandu talks on recent Nepal earthquake victims' relocation to Terai. It is unclear whether Nepal Government has truly any relocation plan  but as Dr. Raut has expressly warned any effort as such will certainly result in grave political conditions that eventually would lead to civil war in the already Maoist war ravaged, now earthquake devastated country. - The Blogger]

लेखक डा.  सी. के. राउत


12:37 AM (13 hours ago)
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Dear All,


Many of us must have read CK Raut's challenge titled " Pahadi basti Medhesma saare Griha youddha", by now. Most of us, do not seem to care who says what in Ganatantric Nepal, any more. However, when some people utter crazy things like that, we should try to find out whether that person is insane, or is being used by some unseen forces that want Nepal disintegrated as a sovereign Nation.


Very few people like Shekhar Dhungelji, Shachindra Bistaji and Tej Kumar Karkiji have, through this forum responded very candidly. I totally agree with thier responses. Bistaji has even provided with the link to a news item published in Annapurna Post about Laxan Thakur. Thakurji's story is very compelling and touching, worth reading by true Nepalis.



Fortunately, we have some Nepali with heart like that of Thakurji, and at the same time, ironically, we have some Anti Nepal, Anti national and insane person like CK Raut. In New Nepal, every Nepalis are equal, there is no one high or low in the society. Although there are still people in the country with feudalistic mind set. At least there is law for equal rights in the country now.The problem is, corrupt political leaders do not enforce the law because of their self centered interest. Yes, there have been some mistakes regarding equal rights and privileges among people living in different parts of the country. That does not mean there should be civil war in the country. Lately, things have changed greatly and no one should be discriminated against on the basis of cast, creed, culture and the region where people live, whether it is Madhes, Pahad or Himal. We are all Nepali, no matter what.


After the devastating Earthquake of April 25, Nepali people in the capital and in the hill districts east and west of Kathmandu have been suffering with thousands of death and tremendous loss of dwellings and properties. With some initial rescue and reliefs, thousands of victims are still without food and shelters. People are having unimaginable hardship. In few weeks when monsoon rain begins, we can imagine what kind of misery and sorrow will come to the victims. Earthquake experts are predicting hundreds and thousands of landslides in the affected villages of the hills.


As soon as the killer quake hit Nepal, neighboring countries, most of the countries of the world and people from all over the world have been providing with money, material and personnel to help people of Nepal. Every one knows it is a natural disaster and calamity faced by the victims is in an enormous scale. Some talks have surfaced in the country about settling the homeless people in different parts of Madhes. This practice is nothing new, it is done all over the world. Citizens of an independent country are free to move from one are to another. This is normal in every country. Unfortunately, CK Raut has already started to incite hatred among the Nepalis from Pahad and Madhes. This is a lunatic idea. He must be stopped to instigate Mahesi Nepali to indulge in his so called "Griha Youddha".


At a time when the world is trying to help Nepal in the name of humanity and human solidarity, we have some insane person like CK Raut wearing a Nepali citizen's mask challenges of "Griha Youddha".  He says if the victims of hills are settled in Madhes, there will be civil war. In this regard either CK Raut is either insane and needs medical attention or he is being used by some force to create civil war in Nepal and destroy Nepal as an independent and sovereign Nation. Therefore Nepalis should unite to deal with people like Raut and commit in the reconstruction of New Nepal.


With Best Regards,


Uttam B. Khatri

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