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CC News Letter 17 May - The U.N. At 70: Is It Still Fit For The Purpose?

CC News Letter 17 May - The U.N. At 70: Is It Still Fit For The Purpose?

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In Solidarity
Binu Mathew

US Special Forces Stage Raid Into Syria
By Patrick Martin


The US government said Saturday that soldiers in the elite Delta Force, the main Pentagon Special Forces unit, had carried out a raid into eastern Syria, killing a leader of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and other members of the Islamic extremist group

1921: Black Business District In Tulsa, Oklahoma, Attacked,
Aerially Bombed And Razed, Victims Dumped In Mass Graves
By Robert Barsocchini


May 31st, 1921, Tulsa, Oklahoma. The 'Negro Wall Street' district of the Greenwood neighborhood is bombed from the air. Whites invade the enviable black business district, looting, burning, killing. The police commandeer private planes. The 101st Airborne is flown in. A load of dynamite is dropped. 75 instantly killed. Hundreds of homes and businesses destroyed. Four truckloads of bodies are shoveled into mass graves along the Arkansas river. 4,000 black men, women, and children arrested and placed in concentration camps, where they are required to carry 'passes'. The city quickly re-zones the neighborhood so that the railroad can be run through, thus completing the destruction of that neighborhood

Hungry Thirsty Thousands of Migrants Drifting on Sea in South-East Asia:
Violent Clashes Over Food Kill Dozens
By Countercurrents.org


Thousands of migrants hungry and thirsty for days are drifting on south-east Asian sea as countries in the region are pushing them back. There are children and women among the thousands in small boats. Deaths are normal in the desperate condition. In at least one incident, dozens were killed in violent clashes over food among the persons in a drifting boat

The Rohingyas: Stop Persecution, End The Exodus
By Hassanal Noor Rashid


While the responses have been mainly aimed towards the human traffickers, with military action being considered, there is a far greater crime being played out that demands justice for these people who have to suffer so much unnecessary hardships.The Malaysian, Indonesian and Thai governments should apply diplomatic pressure immediately upon the Myanmar government to address the root problem which is the persecution of the Rohingyas. Once the persecution stops, the massive exodus of refugees through land and sea will also come to an end

The U.N. At 70: Is It Still Fit For The Purpose?
By Julia Rainer


If the UN at 70 turns out not be fit for the purpose, it has to take immediate measures to become so – otherwise it would be letting down people in need and compromising its legitimacy

Russia And The US-Led Nato's World Order
By Dr. Vladislav B. Sotirovic


A full victory of the Russian "Westernizers" up to 2014 allow them to further westernize Russia according to the pattern of the Emperor Peter the Great with the price of Russia's inferiority and even servility in the international relations. For that reason, the West already succeeded (at least up to 2014) to encircle Russia with three rings of Russia's enemies: the NATO at the West, the Muslim Central Asian states at the South and China at the South-East

Presidential Waivers, Child Soldiers, And An American-Made Army in Africa
By Nick Turse


I didn't really think he was going to shoot me. There was no anger in his eyes. His finger may not have been anywhere near the trigger. He didn't draw a bead on me. Still, he was a boy and he was holding an AK-47 and it was pointed in my direction. It was unnerving. I don't know how old he was. I'd say 16, though maybe he was 18 or 19. But there were a few soldiers nearby who looked even younger -- no more than 15

Wine Maker Paul Hobbs Herbicide Spraying Upsets Parents
And Neighbors At Apple Blossom School Meeting
By Shepherd Bliss


The Twin Hills Union School District Board of Trustees last meeting of the academic year occurred May 14, as apple trees throughout the region were indeed blossoming with beautiful views. But not on the land bordering these schools. Hidden beneath the attractive, compelling school names is the ugly reality of their being sprayed by herbicides proven to cause cancer

Pride: Not For Me
By Romi Mahajan


I would think pride inhered in rejecting one's oppressors. But one can find memorials to Victoria, Curzon, Dalhousie, Willingdon and every other colonialist of British origin all over India. Is that pride? I would think pride meant rejoining in one's clothing and festivals. But in urban India, Indian clothes are referred to as "ethnic wear" and you can actually celebrate Thanksgiving (!!!) in many eateries and hotels. Is that the pride of winners? I remain befuddled and frankly rejoice in being on the side of the losers

India Going Big On Dirty Coal
By Alan Johnstone


Coal and Power Minister of India Piyush Goyal , said that India's per capita consumption of coal is what the US had in the 1860s. "The US has had 150 years to develop their country from cheap power using coal. Having met their development needs, it is easy to tell us that it is India's imperative to clean the world. That is not acceptable." And so capitalist growth prevails as government policy, regardless of the known effects upon the health of the environment and of the Indian people themselves

Koonthankulam: Nature Never Fails
By Veena M


Nature proves again, she might be a bit late but that she won't keep out of the scenario. It rained in Koonthankulam and the migratory birds are back

Drop The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Bill 2014


People's Union for Civil Liberties strongly condemns the recent Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Bill 2014, which permits juveniles between the ages of 16 – 18 years who are accused of committing "heinous" offences (i.e. crimes carrying imprisonment of seven years or more) to be tried as an adult

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