Monday, March 27, 2017

হে মোর চিত্ত, Prey for Humanity!More Mayhem to follow if we fail to activate the Love apps ! Palash Biswas

হে মোর চিত্ত, Prey for Humanity!More Mayhem to follow if we fail to activate the Love apps !
Palash Biswas

73 ethno-linguistic groups establish that ancient India was one in which all people intermingled freely!

India is inflicted with Mandal Kamandal Civil war just because of an artificial system Manusmriti imposed upon generations of people that encouraged inequality and supressed them for 2,000 years.

In ancient India,we Indians were ONE Blood,latest genetic study proves and it says that Manusmriti launched after the demise of Buddhist India killed that unity and integrity inherent,the merger of human streams and now HinduTaliban sustains the Manusmriti!

We,the Indian people share the most common genetics of love,tolerance and pluralism!Despite the inherent racist apartheid of Caste!

In India,the genetics of humanity calls for tolerance, pluralism, universal brotherhood, unity, integrity and Buddhist ideology of Panchsheel to resist the caste war ahead,the Mandal Kamandal War overwhelming and the intensive religious polarization resultant to sustain dynasty rule as dynasty rule is the genetics of hegemony that kills the democracy and secularism to invoke the incarnation of suicidal fascism!

Latest genetic studies prove that caste system kills the inherent unity of the universal brotherhood and the killings further intensified with religious polarization supported by the economics of Free market with free flow of foreign capital and foreign interests.It makes the genetics of violence and hate so dominant that the world is set on fire.

As the situation being alarming,we have to bear the burns of terror strike anywhere  any timeI Paris is not the last destination of terrorism,I am afraid.Islamic State owns the responsibility of Paris Tragedy at the moment as media claims and French President virtually announced yet another global war against terror endorsed by Indian political leadership.

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