Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bihar preparing for October 2010 Assembly elections

In the post-Mandal era, Lalu Prasad seems to have been replaced for good in Bihar. JDU led Bihar government has geared up for the upcoming assembly election due in October/November 2010.

The 42 months rule of JDU led government appears uneasy in its relationship but it needs the 55 MLAs to keep his government afloat. With another 18 months left in its five year tenure, the government has approved a Rs 815 crore ambitious project for Mahadalits (a separate category for 18 sub-castes of dalits). The steps taken for empowerment of extremely backward castes (EBCs), Mahadalits and minorities benefited Nitish led government in the Lok Sabha elections.

His focus on Pansmanda Musalaman (i.e. backward Muslim community) is also quite strategic in dividing the Muslim vote banks like he has divided Dalits and Hindus. Reopening of Bhagalpur riots also is aimed at the same.

He has got Ali anwar and Dr Ezaj Ali sent to Rajya sabha as well as a crucial signal to the Muslim community.

Nitish Kumar is seeking special category status for Bihar and has made it a huge public issue.

Ram Sundar Das, a former chief minister joined the JDU just before the Lok Sabha elections. He defeated Ram Vilas Paswan who had retained Hazipur seat in eight elections. Das had lost the chief minister’s job to Lalu Prasad Yadav in 1990. Janata Dal had won the most seats in Bihar Assembly. Lalu Prasad ruled Bihar for 15-year until Nitish led coalition defeated him 2005.

In the recently held Lok Sabha elections Ranjan Prasad Yadav of JDU defeated Lalu Yadav.

Nitish Kumar has focused on the EBCs (includes many poorest sub-castes), which account for over 20 percent of Bihar’s eight crore people. He has introduced a 20- percent reservation for them in village panchayats.


aaccording said...

NMMC standing committee chairman Sandeep Naik announces competing audit backlog in 8 months.
The Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik returned the audit report of the Law Committee, NMMC FRU Hospital and PWD and the special audit of the H B Bhise contract for supplying vehicles, labor and equipments for the removal of encroachments, demanding that the reports be submitted when the Municipal Commissioner is present at the meeting. In the absence of the Commissioner the Chairman expressed futility on accepting the report without assurance of any compliance or period limit for compliance.
Chairman Sandeep Naik voiced confidence of completing the audit backlog within the next 8 months so that the future general body and standing committee could have a clear reflection it in their functioning. This is the first time in the 14 years history of NMMC's elected body that a Standing Committee Chairman accorded such importance to compliance of audit direction, which is the only tool to stem out mal-practice in the civic administration.

Irfan Ahmad said...

I express my willingness to attract the attention of the poeple of our state-Bihar towards the real situation targeting overall development during last 63 years.It is time to think and review on this issue by each and every individual of Bihar. After reviewing and thinking carefully on the matter of developments in Bihar we will certainly found that our political leaders are responssible for poor developments in all areas. In my view most of the political leaders of our state are poorly educated/illiterate having no potential to work with the intelectual communities of our country resulting into poor development.Education is must for the development of any individual, any village/town/city/state/country to develop strategy and planning for developments. Therefore, it is time for well educated person to join the politics in comming assembly election and work together for developing our state and country.

Irfan Ahmad
Research Assistant
DRDO Project
Department of Biosciences
Jamia Millia Islamia
New Delhi

GLX said...

Bihar has seen tremendous growth in the past five years and it needs BJP and JD to continue the good work. Nitish Kumar needs a mandate once more to carry on the good work he has been doing in the state.

Unknown said...

bihar state assemble election 2010 me itna to tai hai ki nitish kumar ki jdu aur bjp alliance hi jitegi. janta rjd congres ko mauka nahi degi. yeh sach hai ki nitish ji se shahan me vikas hua hai road bane hain lekin aaj bhi electricity, eduction ke mamale me state bahut peeche hai. police ko majbut banana hoga. janta ka vishawas jeetna hoga. nitish ji se mai apecha karunga ki unke ministery me aparadhi chabi ke jitne mla mlc hain unhe turant remove karen.

Globalwanderer said...

great blog. loved the addition of the hindi. the assembly elections this year are definitely crucial in shaping the development landscape for the state over the next 5 years. some folks back in patna have been providing updates on the different candidates from each seat and other elections details at Bihar Elections 2010 blog
not as detailed as your posts but still a quick and handy resource

god job folks !
p.s- took me a while to get my hindi right while reading the buttons!