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Terrorism Explained

Terrorism Explained
While people might give different definitions of terrorism, my understanding of Terrorism is as follows:
1. Killing innocent men, women and children and damaging their dwellings, who were not even involved in the conflict between the parties.
2. Creating a situation by killing a person or few from their own group and religion and plotting it in such a way, so as to give an understanding that this act or crime was carried out by another group. This will result in creating tension and riots to kill innocent people of other group and damage their properties and source of living.
3. Another well-known and most affective tool is to desecrate a place of worship of a particular community to make them come into action. When the affected community gets enraged and comes on the roads; the persons who actually desecrate the religious place and waiting for this to happen and well organized with the support of law enforcing authorities will oppress that community.  
This strategy is being used mostly everywhere for the sake of material gains, political gains based upon hatred towards others against the humanity.
4. The above strategy is being used by, individuals, groups and even Governments of different states and its results of damage and sufferings are in proportion accordingly.,
5. Now leaving aside the culprits who really started this sedition, common people from their own religious group shall get instigated attack, killing and looting the other opposite group who are innocent and their crime is only that they are from the other religion or group. Now it is going to be a chain reaction and there shall be people from the other group involving themselves in the same activities to inflict on the other group.
6. In the end, the result will be the suffering of minorities and they will be suppressed, by the majority group, by their governments, law enforcing authorities and finally the court of law, where selected are awarded with death punishments and others shall go for life imprisonment or punishment for years.
7. This will also have ongoing effect on their families and their children who will suffer and might even start hating other group, decide to take revenge. Revenge on whom?
 No one knows the real culprits or the culprits could be their own Governments. Now the persons affected go crazy and do not care for their lives and start killing looting the innocents of other group and the story goes on and on between the groups to make their life miserable.
8. There is another example; two antisocial elements gamblers, murderers who does not care for faith or religion but of different religions get into a rift, fight and murder. Now this becomes a religious issue. Politicians who take religion as their weapon make use of this opportunity and killing and looting of the related community starts. Even the Law enforcing authorities where among them there is no proportionate representations collude with the majority group and further make minorities suffer.
9. Another important aspect of terrorism is the one sided Media. They work for the interest of their parties and add fuel to the fire to aggravate the riots.  
10. There is another strategy set up by the law enforcing authorities of the Governments. The target the persons who are from antisocial elements, or even emotional leaders of the minority group visible by their speeches and demonstrations against the atrocities committed by the other groups. These undercover law-enforcing authorities themselves approach such persons and offer arms and ammunitions to enable them to take actions in revenge. When those people are trapped and buy those weapons from them, the law enforcing authorities conduct operation and arrest them with weapons and ammunition in their possession, thereby there is no chance for them to escape at all. Next day you will read in national newspapers on headlines about the wonderful vigilance and bravery of the police and they will be awarded too. Sometimes such sting operations will be conducted in higher level, so as to blame the government of other countries too.
11. Every country has their own unit with all provisions of money, arms, ammunition and men in their countries as well as other countries to start terrorism or sedition in other enemy countries either to create unrest, weaken or topple the government in that country with all the above mentioned strategies. As a government is involved in it, the losses inflicted shall be high in proportion.
I will call every thing mentioned above "TERRORISM"
Now who is Responsible for it?
It is the party, who prepares the strategy and plans to start the trouble and that party always remain safe and achieve their objectives and goals, while from targeted group, innocent people shall suffer .
The Democracy did not solve this problem and it will not unless the people are well educated and are aware of these maneuvers. Unless government and law enforcing authorities are honest, impartial, and proper representation of all communities is given in government and law enforcing authorities.
Now coming back to the handling of such situations by Muslims, I shall place the following:
Terrorism of any kind is not permitted in Islam. Allah has mentioned in Holy Book Quran that Fitna is more severe than a murder. (Holy Quran 2:217, 2:191)
"Fitna" is a term in Arabic for tumult, terrorism, conspiracy and oppression.
Therefore, Muslims are not supposed to answer the Terrorism with Terrorism, Oppression with Oppression and we should not kill innocent people as per the command of Allah. (Holy Quran 8:25)
Allah has also mentioned in Holy Quran; killing an innocent person is like killing the whole of humanity and saving a person's life is like saving the whole of humanity. (Holy Quran 5:32)
As per commandments of Allah only the oppressors and invaders are to be confronted in defense and again they are not supposed to make any excesses. Killing of innocent men, women and children is forbidden and damaging property is not allowed. (Holy Quran 4:112)
When Muslims are ruled by Oppressors, they should leave that country and if they cannot they should bear it, face it with the prevailing laws and if that does not help, place their complaints before the creator Allah. Allah says the cry of the oppressed reaches Him without any barriers. Let Allah take care of the oppressors in this world and hereafter. After all our life in this world is short, let us constraint ourselves in the absence of leadership, support and power. (Holy Quran 24:26)
Trouble started by a government of another country is to be handled by their government and not by individuals taking law into their hands.
As per the sayings of our Holy Prophet peace be on him, A Muslim is one whose neighbors are safe from his tongue and hands. He even stressed a Muslim is filling his stomach with fire if his neighbor is hungry. A neighbor is a neighbor irrespective of his religion as per him and he said forty houses on either side of his house is a neighbor.
Again, Our Holy Prophet peace be on him said: A Muslim is one who feels whatever is good for him is good for others and whatever is bad for him is bad for others too.
Whosoever has done good equal to the weight of an atom (or a small ant), Shall see it (its reward) And whosoever has done evil equal to the weight of an atom (or a small ) ant), Shall see it (Its punishment)." (99.7-8)  (Sahih Bukhari Book#56, Hadith #839)
Now tell me, does Terrorism fits in Islam?
Even though many of the points mentioned above were placed in Websites and told by responsible religious scholars, the Media will not propagate them. Hence the non- Muslim community is not aware of it and they think all the Muslims are supporting Terrorism and it is permitted in their religion of Islam and all the Muslims are Terrorists. Allah Forbid.
Your comments are welcomed. If convinced, please pass on this message of understanding to others both Muslims and Non Muslims.


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