Monday, January 28, 2013

Why was Nehru, PM of divided India reporting to Churchill?

It has rightly been said that "All history is contemporary history." 

How can it be forgotten that Netaji was the only Indian to head a government of united India

Nehru headed the government of divided India as an outcome of British Parliament's Indian Independence Act 1947 which received Royal Assent on 18th July 1947. There is evidence to suggest that Nehru was reporting to Winston Churchill even after independence. The seeds of Indo-China war might be latent in this relationship. This aspect merits probe.  

Inder Malhotra, the veteran journalist revealed it in an article dated 18 Oct 2010 saying, "Nehru wrote the top-secret note on his visit to China on November 11, 1954, yet it never saw the light of day until the 1990s when it was published first in Nehru's Letters to Chief Ministers first and then in the Selected Works. But I read it in 1987 in Britain's Public Records Office. How did it get there? Well, Nehru had sent a copy to Winston Churchill while the latter was still Prime Minister. At the expiry of 30 years Downing Street had duly declassified it. I published a gist of it in my column. Mercifully nobody prosecuted me for violating the Official Secrets Act." (Source:

Why was Nehru, PM of divided India reporting to Churchill?

British Parliament got the right to pass India Partition Act (named a India Independence Act) because Bengal was sold to British East India Company in 1757. British Parliament controlled the East India Company by extending its charter for only twenty years at a time. 

Clones of East India Company are land grabbing in Africa and within India with implicit and explicit from most of the political parties who depend on their funds for fighting elections.

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