Saturday, June 1, 2013

RTI Activist Aruna Roy in Patna, CFCL welcomes her call for boycotting UID/Aadhaar

Citizens Forum for Civil Liberties (CFCL) welcomes RTI activist Aruna Roy's call for boycotting UID/Aadhaar. She is in Patna to deliver a lecture at A N Sinha Institute of Social Studies.

On UID/Aadhaar, Roy holds that "The UID is a dangerous thing. I'm shocked minorities and other communities are not boycotting it."

She says, "How can you force the people to give all this information? The real intention of UID was integration with the National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID). There should be a political debate on whether the state should collect all data about us and store it in a central silo."

"There is a definite agenda to push (implementation) before legislation."

"We think it is one of the biggest mistakes this country is making i.e. linking Aadhar to welfare delivery”.

In a significant development, INSAF, Bihar organised a day long dharna on May 29, 2013 on Bhagat Singh Chwok, near Gandhi Maidan, Patna comprising of leaders and participants from nine minority communities of Sikh, Christian, Jain, Bengali, Buddhist and Muslims wherein an appeal was made by CFCL to boycott UID/Aadhaar else all kinds of minorities including political minorities will get profiled and tracked through biometric identification. The key participants in the Dharna included Triloki Singh, Rajendra Kamal, Irfan Ahmad, Pushpraj, Surendra Ghosh, Surendra Bodh and Mahendra Bodh.  

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