Friday, June 28, 2013

Railway Official seeks stoppage of illegal sand ming in Sone river under Koilwar Railway Bridge

Underlining the dangers from illegal sand mining under in Sone river the railway bridge at Koilwar, Bhojpur, DRM of Danapur wrote to the District Magistrate of Bhojpur to bring to his notice the ongoing illegal sand mining in the prohibited area of Sone river at the site of Koilwar Rail cum Road Bridge.

In his letter he has sought stoppage of illegal sand mining apprehending weakening of the pillars supporting the railway bridge. Pursuant to this letter the District Magistrate constituted a seven member team comprising of SDO, Madhav Kumar Singh , Railways Engineer Pawan Kumar, Rakesh Kumar, a district official and Amarkant Singh inspected the northern and southern side of the Koilwar bridge to ascertain illegal sand mining in the area.

According to the news report dated June 7, 2013 in Bhojpur edition of Hindustan newspaper at page no. 3 the team did not find any illegal sand mining. But it also reported that the SDO asked the railway engineers to barricade the area of illegal sand mining by wires so that illegal mining can be stopped in the prohibited area. Railway engineer Pawan Kumar opined that the movement of vehicles loaded with sand is rampant on the eastern side of the railway bridge. R K Dubey, Office in Charge, Police Station, Koilwar and Bodh Narayanji Vimal, Mines Inspector were also present on the occasion.


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