Monday, August 15, 2011

Police atrocity on civil democratic struggle in Bihar

· Five AIDSO activists including its state secretary Suryakar Jitendra beaten up in police custody

· DSP insulted and hits women

Residents of Langertoli Lane registered their protest on Aug 12 at Nala Road against dumping of rotten garbage flowing in waterlogged lane. Street corner meeting was going on at about 10’ 0 clock. Angry people blocked Nala Road. Ramakant Prasad, Town DSP, reached suddenly on the spot and tried to snatch mike from Anamika, State Vice President, AIDSO, and pushed her towards police van. She was then addressing the people gathered there. DSP hit Sadhana Mishra, District Secretary, SUCI (Communist) severely by throwing her on the Road. Common people burst their anger and the mob became furious. Police was resorting lathicharge indiscriminately and unarmed people were being beaten up chasing on the roads and lanes. DSP started throwing the pieces of burning tires on the body of girls standing on forefront of the protesters. Some hairs and scarf (Dupatta) of Pinki, MA from Political Science, was burnt. She got injury on upper part of her hand. DSP threw pieces of burning tires even on Sadhana Mishra. The palm of Nikolai Sharma, Office Secretary, AIDSO, Patna, cut deeply and he had got 8 stitches. Police continued indiscriminate lathicharge for half an hour from Nala Road to Langertoli Lane. Police arrested 14 people, including 9 women who were providing leadership to protest demonstration at 10: 45 am. DSP Ramakant Prasad started beating up severely Suryakar Jitendra, State Secretary, Anil Kumar, Former Patna District Secretary, Saroj Kumar Suman, Patna District Secretary of AIDSO in police custody asking why were they doing ‘Netagiri’. When he became tired in beating them he ordered the fellow police personals to continue it. When Sadhana Mishra protested in high voice this barbaric act of DSP, he abused her badly and pulled and moved her hair fiercely. He pulled her spectacle and threw on the wall. (Pulling the hairs of Sadhana Mishra DSP told why he should not beat her. Should he kiss her?) Under the leadership of DSP Patna police continued beating 5 people for half an hour. DSP released women in the evening. But Suryakar Jitendra, Anil Kumar, Saroj Kumar Suman, Rahul Singh and Mohan Singh were sent to jail.

Citizens’ March was organized on the streets of Patna against severely lathicharge on local residents protesting against people’s problems, severely beating up students leaders and misbehave with women leaders. The dignitaries who took part in Citizens’ March were eminent Economist Prof. Nawal Kishore Chaudhary, Prof. Vinay Kumar Kanth, Arvind Sinha, Rupesh, Chakraborty Ashok Priyadarshi, Ashish Ranjan, Poonam, Nand Kishore Singh, Narendra Kumar, Vinod Kumar, Ajay Kumar Sinha, Anish Ankur, Sarfaraj, Shreekant, Baldeo Jha, Jay Prakash, Girija Ranjan Singh, Bal Govind Singh, Ajay Prasad, Arun Kumar Singh and Sadhana Mishra.

We appeal to progressive- democratic forces and human right activists to oppose the repressive action of the Bihar Police. It is sure that the SUCI (Communist) activists were in the forefront in the protest of local citizens against dumping of garbage and dirty water logging for 10-12 days. Why police targeted only the SUCI (Communist) workers? Should it be allowed the state machinery of Nitish Kumar to suppress the democratic struggles of the progressive forces?

Ashish Ranjan (9973363664) Nand Kishore Singh (9931857997) Pushpraj (9431862080)

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