Thursday, January 6, 2011


 Uday Narayan Chowdhary, Bihar assembly Speaker has constituted 14 House committees. BJP is yet to announce its choices for MLAs who will be part of assembly committees. Consequently, seven committees are yet to be constituted most of which is likely to be chaired by them.

RJD's Lalit Yadav has been appointed as chairman of the all-important Public Accounts Committee (PAC). The chairpersons of all these committees will get the rank and benefits of minister of state. Yadav has won assembly elections four times. He is elected from Darbhanga rural. He was twice elected MLA from Manigacchi which is now Manigacchi merged with Darbhanga rural constituency.

The office of the PAC chairman goes to the main opposition party as per tradition. Abdul Bari Siddiqui, the current leader of opposition in the Vidhan Sabha was its chairman in the last assenbly.

Raghvendra Pratap Singh, RJD MLA has been made chairman of Library Committee. 
Izhar Ahmad, JDU MLA is the new chairman of Estimate Committee.
Shaligram Yadav, JDU MLA is the chairman of Petition Committee
Subodh Rai, JDU MLA is the chairman of Internal Resources Committee
Ramesh Rishideo, JDU MLA is the chairman of SC/ST Committee.
Bima Bharti, JDU MLA is the chairperson of House Committee
Poonam Devi, JDU MLA is the chairperson of Women and Child Committee
Guddi Devi, JDU MLA is the chairperson of Agro-industries Committee
and Lesie Singh, JDU MLA is the chairperson of Assurance Committee

The rest seven of the total 21 House committees will be constitured later. Besides RJD, no opposition party is entitled to claim chairmanship of any House Committee in view of their strength.
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