Tuesday, August 5, 2008

No respite from waterlogging

Note: Similar conditions prevail in Ara. There are areas in Ara which are permanently waterlogged and domestic sewage gets mixed with it to make the city a spectacle. Everyone in the city seems to have accepted the situation as a way of life. Surely, there are more important things to be done by the residents of Ara. Waste Management and drainage is not too significant to merit attention.

Ms/ Shah Technology Pvt. Ltd. has been given the task to prepare a De tailed Project Report for Ara and HUDCO has been nominated for the preparation of Master Plan of Ara to face the serious challenges of public health, sanitation and environmental pollution.

Currently, both district and municipal administration are conspicuous by their absence in Ara. The city seems to be waiting for Plague to wake up from its slumber.

Patna, (Bihar Times): Notwithstanding four times increase in the estimate in the last couple of years the drainage construction work in Kankarbagh locality of Patna is not going to be completed in the near future. Sources said that residents of the colony are likely to face water-logging in 2009 or even in 2010 or ahead.

Though the National Building Construction Corporation, the firm assigned to build the drainage system, has now fixed the deadline for completion at November 2009 sources say that it is not going to be completed by that time.

The initial cost of the project was Rs 12 crore, then it was raised to Rs 18 crore. This was before the construction work actually started. When it commenced the revised estimate was put at Rs 22.80 crore. This was then raised to Rs 34 crore and finally to Rs 49.1 crore.

Talking to a newspaper earlier this week one of the officials of the NBCC said that the detailed project report (DPR) prepared by the Bihar Rajya Jal Parishad was not found fit to deal with the drainage problem of the colony. Thus the Corporation had to prepare its own DPR.

It is not that the work is going at extremely slow pace, even the material used for the construction of drainage is sub-standard. Chief minister Nitish Kumar himself inspected the work early this year and pulled up the engineers engaged in the work.

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