Monday, July 21, 2008

JD(U) Raises Bihar Flood issue in Lok Sabha

Note: Amid the heat of debate in Lok Sabha on nuclear deal and confidence motion, Prabhunath Singh, MP Janata Dal (United raised the issue of Central government's callousness towards disaster from flood in Bihar.

Floods leave a trail of destruction in Bihar villages

Mon, 21 Jul 2008: Tulsyahi (Bihar), July 21 (ANI): The overflowing river Kosi, following heavy rains, has devastated several villages along its banks in Bihar.

In inundated villages like Tulsyahi in Supaul district, the marooned people are struggling to hold on to whatever little of their belongings remains left with them/p>

Around 150 houses in the village have been washed away by floodwaters ofhe Kosi river.

Villagers lament the alleged apathy of state authorities towards their plight, and said that they are forced to tackle things on their own.

"Nearly 150 houses have been washed away in Kosi river and around 700 people have been affected. Approximately 100 acres of our crops have also been washed away. There are many people who are still in the danger of being washed away. There has been no help forthcoming from the State Government so far," said Shiv Kumar Yadav, a villager.

Several of them have left the village in search of safer places while others are likely to follow suit as the floods have made their lives miserable.

"Everything has been washed away. Our food, clothes, property, crops everything has been washed away by the water. Nothing is left now," said Mrigya Devi, another villager.

The state authorities however claim, they are on the job to help out the people.

"Our officers have conducted a survey in the region. We will distribute basic commodities like, milk, polythene, matchsticks, and food items to the affected villagers," said Jitendra Kumar Singh, Sub Divisional Officer. (ANI)

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